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High-fidelity single-shot Toffoli gate via quantum control
E Zahedinejad, J Ghosh, BC Sanders
Physical review letters 114 (20), 200502, 2015
Designing high-fidelity single-shot three-qubit gates: a machine-learning approach
E Zahedinejad, J Ghosh, BC Sanders
Physical Review Applied 6 (5), 054005, 2016
Learning in quantum control: High-dimensional global optimization for noisy quantum dynamics
P Palittapongarnpim, P Wittek, E Zahedinejad, S Vedaie, BC Sanders
Neurocomputing 268, 116-126, 2017
Evolutionary algorithms for hard quantum control
E Zahedinejad, S Schirmer, BC Sanders
Physical Review A 90 (3), 032310, 2014
Combinatorial optimization on gate model quantum computers: A survey
E Zahedinejad, A Zaribafiyan
arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.05294, 2017
Methods and systems for unified quantum computing frameworks
A Zaribafiyan, E Zahedinejad
US Patent App. 15/900,643, 2018
Quantum control for high-fidelity multi-qubit gates
RJ Spiteri, M Schmidt, J Ghosh, E Zahedinejad, BC Sanders
New Journal of Physics 20 (11), 113009, 2018
Development of a 2-D 2-group neutron noise simulator for hexagonal geometries
H Malmir, N Vosoughi, E Zahedinejad
Annals of Nuclear Energy 37 (8), 1089-1100, 2010
Free energy-based reinforcement learning using a quantum processor
A Levit, D Crawford, N Ghadermarzy, JS Oberoi, E Zahedinejad, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1706.00074, 2017
The power of one qubit in machine learning
R Ghobadi, JS Oberoi, E Zahedinejhad
arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.01390, 2019
Analog-quantum feature mapping for machine-learning applications
M Noori, SS Vedaie, I Singh, D Crawford, JS Oberoi, BC Sanders, ...
Physical Review Applied 14 (3), 034034, 2020
Quantum storage and retrieval of light by sweeping the atomic frequency
H Kaviani, M Khazali, R Ghobadi, E Zahedinejad, K Heshami, C Simon
New Journal of Physics 15 (8), 085029, 2013
Comparison between triangular and hexagonal modeling of a hexagonal-structured reactor core using box method
H Malmir, NM Moghaddam, E Zahedinejad
Annals of Nuclear Energy 38 (2-3), 371-378, 2011
Method and system for identifying at least one community in a dataset comprising a plurality of elements
JS Oberoi, S Mukherjee, C Adolphs, E Zahedinejad, DJ Crawford
US Patent App. 17/254,661, 2021
Method for estimating the thermodynamic properties of a quantum Ising model with transverse field
P Ronagh, A Levit, E Zahedinejad, D Crawford
US Patent 10,929,576, 2021
Quantum multiple kernel learning
SS Vedaie, M Noori, JS Oberoi, BC Sanders, E Zahedinejad
arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.09694, 2020
Multi-community detection in signed graphs using quantum hardware
E Zahedinejad, D Crawford, C Adolphs, JS Oberoi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.04873, 2019
Fuel management optimization based on power profile by Cellular Automata
AH Fadaei, NM Moghaddam, E Zahedinejad, MM Fadaei, S Kia
Annals of Nuclear Energy 37 (12), 1712-1722, 2010
SHTV, as a technique for core calculation using spatial homogenization and temperature variation
NM Moghaddam, E Zahedinejad, S Kashi, H Davilu
Annals of Nuclear Energy 37 (9), 1129-1138, 2010
Method and system for mapping a dataset from a Hilbert space of a given dimension to a Hilbert space of a different dimension
SS Vedaie, E Zahedinejad, R Ghobadi, DJ Crawford, JS Oberoi, I Singh, ...
US Patent 11,947,506, 2024
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