Chul-Ho Lee
Chul-Ho Lee
Associate Professor, Seoul National University & Korea University (2014~2022)
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Atomically thin pn junctions with van der Waals heterointerfaces
CH Lee, GH Lee, AM van der Zande, W Chen, Y Li, M Han, X Cui, G Arefe, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 676-681, 2014
Multi-terminal transport measurements of MoS2 using a van der Waals heterostructure device platform
X Cui, GH Lee, YD Kim, G Arefe, PY Huang, CH Lee, DA Chenet, X Zhang, ...
Nature nanotechnology 10, 534-540, 2015
Flexible and Transparent MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors on Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Graphene Heterostructures
GH Lee, YJ Yu, X Cui, N Petrone, CH Lee, MS Choi, DY Lee, C Lee, ...
ACS nano 7 (9), 7931-7936, 2013
Transferable GaN layers grown on ZnO-coated graphene layers for optoelectronic devices
K Chung, CH Lee, GC Yi
Science 330 (6004), 655-657, 2010
Low-temperature solution-processed Li-doped SnO2 as an effective electron transporting layer for high-performance flexible and wearable perovskite solar cells
M Park, JY Kim, HJ Son, CH Lee, SS Jang, MJ Ko
Nano Energy 26, 208-215, 2016
Highly Stable, Dual-Gated MoS2 Transistors Encapsulated by Hexagonal Boron Nitride with Gate-Controllable Contact, Resistance, and Threshold Voltage
GH Lee, X Cui, YD Kim, G Arefe, X Zhang, CH Lee, F Ye, K Watanabe, ...
ACS nano 9 (7), 7019-7026, 2015
Memristors based on 2D materials as an artificial synapse for neuromorphic electronics
W Huh, D Lee, CH Lee
Advanced materials 32 (51), 2002092, 2020
Visible‐color‐tunable light‐emitting diodes
YJ Hong, CH Lee, A Yoon, M Kim, HK Seong, HJ Chung, C Sone, YJ Park, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (23), 3284-3288, 2011
Flexible inorganic nanostructure light‐emitting diodes fabricated on graphene films
CH Lee, YJ Kim, YJ Hong, SR Jeon, S Bae, BH Hong, GC Yi
Advanced materials 40 (23), 4614-4619, 2011
Inorganic Rubidium Cation as an Enhancer for Photovoltaic Performance and Moisture Stability of HC(NH2)2PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells
YH Park, I Jeong, S Bae, HJ Son, P Lee, J Lee, CH Lee, MJ Ko
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (16), 1605988, 2017
Nanoscale atoms in solid-state chemistry
X Roy, CH Lee, AC Crowther, CL Schenck, T Besara, RA Lalancette, ...
Science 341 (6142), 157-160, 2013
2D semiconducting materials for electronic and optoelectronic applications: potential and challenge
S Kang, D Lee, J Kim, A Capasso, HS Kang, JW Park, CH Lee, GH Lee
2D Materials 7 (2), 022003, 2020
Highly efficient copper–indium–selenide quantum dot solar cells: suppression of carrier recombination by controlled ZnS overlayers
JY Kim, J Yang, JH Yu, W Baek, CH Lee, HJ Son, T Hyeon, MJ Ko
ACS nano 9 (11), 11286-11295, 2015
Wafer-scale transferable molybdenum disulfide thin-film catalysts for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
KC Kwon, S Choi, K Hong, CW Moon, YS Shim, T Kim, W Sohn, JM Jeon, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (7), 2240-2248, 2016
Synaptic barristor based on phase‐engineered 2D heterostructures
W Huh, S Jang, JY Lee, D Lee, D Lee, JM Lee, HG Park, JC Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (35), 1801447, 2018
Controlled selective growth of ZnO nanorod and microrod arrays on Si substrates by a wet chemical method
YJ Kim, CH Lee, YJ Hong, GC Yi, SS Kim, H Cheong
Applied physics letters 89 (16), 2006
Thickness-dependent Schottky barrier height of MoS 2 field-effect transistors
J Kwon, JY Lee, YJ Yu, CH Lee, X Cui, J Hone, GH Lee
Nanoscale 9 (18), 6151-6157, 2017
Epitaxial growth of molecular crystals on van der Waals substrates for high‐performance organic electronics
CH Lee, T Schiros, EJG Santos, B Kim, KG Yager, SJ Kang, S Lee, J Yu, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (18), 2812-2817, 2014
Vertical pillar-superlattice array and graphene hybrid light emitting diodes
JM Lee, JW Choung, J Yi, DH Lee, M Samal, DK Yi, CH Lee, GC Yi, ...
Nano letters 10 (8), 2783-2788, 2010
Two-dimensional semiconductor optoelectronics based on van der Waals heterostructures
JY Lee, JH Shin, GH Lee, CH Lee
Nanomaterials 6 (11), 193, 2016
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