Ian McNulty
Ian McNulty
Physics Department, Lund University
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Magnetic determination of position and orientation
DE Acker, I McNulty, RC Pacheco, W Grandner
US Patent 5,558,091, 1996
Facet-dependent active sites of a single Cu2O particle photocatalyst for CO2 reduction to methanol
YA Wu, I McNulty, C Liu, KC Lau, Q Liu, AP Paulikas, CJ Sun, Z Cai, ...
Nature Energy 4 (11), 957-968, 2019
High-resolution imaging by Fourier transform X-ray holography
I McNulty, J Kirz, C Jacobsen, EH Anderson, MR Howells, DP Kern
Science 256 (5059), 1009-1012, 1992
Keyhole coherent diffractive imaging
B Abbey, KA Nugent, GJ Williams, JN Clark, AG Peele, MA Pfeifer, ...
Nature Physics 4 (5), 394-398, 2008
Marine polyphosphate: a key player in geologic phosphorus sequestration
J Diaz, E Ingall, C Benitez-Nelson, D Paterson, MD de Jonge, I McNulty, ...
Science 320 (5876), 652-655, 2008
Fluctuation microscopy: a probe of medium range order
MMJ Treacy, JM Gibson, L Fan, DJ Paterson, I McNulty
Reports on Progress in Physics 68 (12), 2899, 2005
Proposal for generating brilliant x-ray beams carrying orbital angular momentum
S Sasaki, I McNulty
Physical review letters 100 (12), 124801, 2008
A hard X-ray nanoprobe beamline for nanoscale microscopy
RP Winarski, MV Holt, V Rose, P Fuesz, D Carbaugh, C Benson, D Shu, ...
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 19 (6), 1056-1060, 2012
Structural evolution of nanoporous gold during thermal coarsening
YK Chen-Wiegart, S Wang, YS Chu, W Liu, I McNulty, PW Voorhees, ...
Acta Materialia 60 (12), 4972-4981, 2012
Ultrahigh-resolution x-ray tomography
WS Haddad, I McNulty, JE Trebes, EH Anderson, RA Levesque, L Yang
Science 266 (5188), 1213-1215, 1994
A high-throughput x-ray microtomography system at the Advanced Photon Source
Y Wang, F De Carlo, DC Mancini, I McNulty, B Tieman, J Bresnahan, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 72 (4), 2062-2068, 2001
Diffractive imaging using partially coherent x rays
LW Whitehead, GJ Williams, HM Quiney, DJ Vine, RA Dilanian, S Flewett, ...
Physical review letters 103 (24), 243902, 2009
Quantitative 3D elemental microtomography of Cyclotella meneghiniana at 400-nm resolution
MD De Jonge, C Holzner, SB Baines, BS Twining, K Ignatyev, J Diaz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (36), 15676-15680, 2010
Lensless imaging using broadband X-ray sources
B Abbey, LW Whitehead, HM Quiney, DJ Vine, GA Cadenazzi, ...
Nature Photonics 5 (7), 420-424, 2011
Observation of an x-ray vortex
AG Peele, PJ McMahon, D Paterson, CQ Tran, AP Mancuso, KA Nugent, ...
Optics letters 27 (20), 1752-1754, 2002
Phosphorus K-edge XANES spectroscopy of mineral standards
ED Ingall, JA Brandes, JM Diaz, MD de Jonge, D Paterson, I McNulty, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 18 (2), 189-197, 2011
Scanning x‐ray microscope with 75‐nm resolution
H Rarback, D Shu, SC Feng, H Ade, J Kirz, I McNulty, DP Kern, ...
Review of scientific instruments 59 (1), 52-59, 1988
Small-angle X-ray scattering using coherent undulator radiation at the ESRF
DL Abernathy, G Grübel, S Brauer, I McNulty, GB Stephenson, ...
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 5 (1), 37-47, 1998
Multiple reference Fourier transform holography with soft x rays
WF Schlotter, R Rick, K Chen, A Scherz, J Stöhr, J Lüning, S Eisebitt, ...
Applied Physics Letters 89 (16), 2006
Coherent X-ray study of fluctuations during domain coarsening
A Malik, AR Sandy, LB Lurio, GB Stephenson, SGJ Mochrie, I McNulty, ...
Physical review letters 81 (26), 5832, 1998
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