Ai-Ling Lin
Ai-Ling Lin
Professor and Vice Chair for Research of Radiology, University of Missouri-Columbia
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Metabolic and Vascular Imaging Biomarkers for Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease
AL Lin, A Gjedde, H Fahmeed
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Ketogenic diet enhances neurovascular function with altered gut microbiome in young healthy mice
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Nonlinear coupling between cerebral blood flow, oxygen consumption, and ATP production in human visual cortex
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Chronic rapamycin restores brain vascular integrity and function through NO synthase activation and improves memory in symptomatic mice modeling Alzheimer’s disease
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Rapamycin rescues vascular, metabolic and learning deficits in apolipoprotein E4 transgenic mice with pre-symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease
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How longevity research can lead to therapies for Alzheimer's disease: The rapamycin story
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Dietary inulin alters the gut microbiome, enhances systemic metabolism and reduces neuroinflammation in an APOE4 mouse model
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Complex IV-deficient Surf1-/- mice initiate mitochondrial stress responses
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Evaluation of MRI models in the measurement of CMRO2 and its relationship with CBF
AL Lin, PT Fox, Y Yang, H Lu, LH Tan, JH Gao
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: An Official Journal of the International …, 2008
Risk factors and global cognitive status related to brain arteriolosclerosis in elderly individuals
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Multimodal bioimaging using a rare earth doped Gd 2 O 2 S: Yb/Er phosphor with upconversion luminescence and magnetic resonance properties
G Ajithkumar, B Yoo, DE Goral, PJ Hornsby, AL Lin, U Ladiwala, ...
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Caloric restriction increases ketone bodies metabolism and preserves blood flow in aging brain
AL Lin, W Zhang, X Gao, L Watts
Neurobiology of aging 36 (7), 2296-2303, 2015
Caloric restriction preserves memory and reduces anxiety of aging mice with early enhancement of neurovascular functions
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β-amyloid and tau drive early Alzheimer’s disease decline while glucose hypometabolism drives late decline
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Methylene blue as a cerebral metabolic and hemodynamic enhancer
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Early shifts of brain metabolism by caloric restriction preserve white matter integrity and long-term memory in aging mice
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mTOR drives cerebrovascular, synaptic, and cognitive dysfunction in normative aging
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Bimodal imaging using neodymium doped gadolinium fluoride nanocrystals with nearinfrared to nearinfrared downconversion luminescence and magnetic resonance properties
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Time-dependent correlation of cerebral blood flow with oxygen metabolism in activated human visual cortex as measured by fMRI
AL Lin, PT Fox, Y Yang, H Lu, LH Tan, JH Gao
Neuroimage 44 (1), 16-22, 2009
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