Farid Benboudjema
Farid Benboudjema
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Chloride penetration in nonsaturated concrete
A Ababneh, F Benboudjema, Y Xi
Journal of materials in civil engineering 15 (2), 183-191, 2003
Interaction between drying, shrinkage, creep and cracking phenomena in concrete
F Benboudjema, F Meftah, JM Torrenti
Engineering structures 27 (2), 239-250, 2005
Early-age behaviour of concrete nuclear containments
F Benboudjema, JM Torrenti
Nuclear engineering and design 238 (10), 2495-2506, 2008
Modélisation des déformations différées du béton sous sollicitations biaxiales. Application aux enceintes de confinement de bâtiments réacteurs des centrales nucléaires
F Benboudjema
Université de Marne la Vallée, 2002
Analysis of microcracking induced by differential drying shrinkage
C de Sa, F Benboudjema, M Thiery, J Sicard
Cement and Concrete Composites 30 (10), 947-956, 2008
Experimental investigation of the variability of concrete durability properties
A Aît-Mokhtar, R Belarbi, F Benboudjema, N Burlion, B Capra, ...
Cement and concrete research 45, 21-36, 2013
Numerical analysis of the thermal active restrained shrinkage ring test to study the early age behavior of massive concrete structures
M Briffaut, F Benboudjema, JM Torrenti, G Nahas
Engineering Structures 33 (4), 1390-1401, 2011
Mechanical threshold of cementitious materials at early age
JM Torrenti, F Benboudjema
Materials and structures 38 (3), 299-304, 2005
Modeling basic creep in concrete at early-age under compressive and tensile loading
A Hilaire, F Benboudjema, A Darquennes, Y Berthaud, G Nahas
Nuclear Engineering and Design 269, 222-230, 2014
Prediction of elastic properties of cement pastes at early ages
L Stefan, F Benboudjema, JM Torrenti, B Bissonnette
Computational Materials Science 47 (3), 775-784, 2010
Coupling between leaching and creep of concrete
JM Torrenti, VH Nguyen, H Colina, F Le Maou, F Benboudjema, ...
Cement and concrete research 38 (6), 816-821, 2008
Concrete early age basic creep: Experiments and test of rheological modelling approaches
M Briffaut, F Benboudjema, JM Torrenti, G Nahas
Construction and Building Materials 36, 373-380, 2012
Concrete calcium leaching at variable temperature: experimental data and numerical model inverse identification
T De Larrard, F Benboudjema, JB Colliat, JM Torrenti, F Deleruyelle
Computational Materials Science 49 (1), 35-45, 2010
Numerical strategies for prediction of drying cracks in heterogeneous materials: Comparison upon experimental results
F Lagier, X Jourdain, C De Sa, F Benboudjema, JB Colliat
Engineering Structures 33 (3), 920-931, 2011
Effects of early-age thermal behaviour on damage risks in massive concrete structures
M Briffaut, F Benboudjema, JM Torrenti, G Nahas
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering 16 (5), 589-605, 2012
A thermal active restrained shrinkage ring test to study the early age concrete behaviour of massive structures
M Briffaut, F Benboudjema, JM Torrenti, G Nahas
Cement and concrete research 41 (1), 56-63, 2011
A multiphysics model for concrete at early age applied to repairs problems
G Sciumè, F Benboudjema, C De Sa, F Pesavento, Y Berthaud, ...
Engineering Structures 57, 374-387, 2013
Study of cracking due to drying in coating mortars by digital image correlation
T Mauroux, F Benboudjema, P Turcry, A Aït-Mokhtar, O Deves
Cement and concrete research 42 (7), 1014-1023, 2012
A viscoelastic approach for the assessment of the drying shrinkage behaviour of cementitious materials
F Benboudjema, F Meftah, JM Torrenti
Materials and Structures 40 (2), 163, 2007
A basic creep model for concrete subjected to multiaxial loads.
F Benboudjema, F Meftah, A Sellier, G Heinfling, JM Torrenti
Fourth International Conference on Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and …, 2001
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