Jan Šipoš
Jan Šipoš
Department of Biology and Ecology, University of Ostrava
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Phylogenetic composition of host plant communities drives plant‐herbivore food web structure
M Volf, P Pyszko, T Abe, M Libra, N Kotásková, M Šigut, R Kumar, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 86 (3), 556-565, 2017
Effect of the canopy complexity of trees on the rate of predation of insects
J Šipoš, P Kindlmann
Journal of Applied Entomology 137 (6), 445-451, 2013
Post-industrial areas as successional habitats: long-term changes of functional diversity in beetle communities
J Hodecek, T Kuras, J Sipos, A Dolny
Basic and Applied Ecology 16 (7), 629-640, 2015
Responses of grassland arthropods to various biodiversity-friendly management practices: Is there a compromise?
M MAzAloVá, J Sipos, S Rada, J Kasak, B Sarapatka, T Kuras
European Journal of Entomology 112 (4), 734, 2015
Lepidopteran species richness of alpine sites in the High Sudetes Mts.: effect of area and isolation
K Bila, T Kuras, J Sipos, P Kindlmann
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Conservation status affects elevational gradient in bird diversity in the Himalaya: A new perspective
PK Paudel, J Šipoš
Global Ecology and Conservation 2, 338-348, 2014
Impacts of mowing, grazing and edge effect on Orthoptera of submontane grasslands: perspectives for biodiversity protection
S Rada, M Mazalová, J Šipoš, T Kuras
Polish Journal of Ecology 62 (1), 123-138, 2014
The effect of alpine ski-slopes on epigeic beetles: does even a nature-friendly management make a change?
J Kašák, M Mazalová, J Šipoš, T Kuras
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Dwarf pine: invasive plant threatens biodiversity of alpine beetles
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Role of reclamation in the formation of functional structure of beetle communities: A different approach to restoration
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Ecological Engineering 94, 537-544, 2016
Dynamics of herbaceous vegetation during four years of experimental coppice introduction
R Hédl, J Šipoš, M Chudomelová, D Utinek
Folia geobotanica 52 (1), 83-99, 2017
Personality affects defensive behaviour of Porcellio scaber (Isopoda, Oniscidea)
IH Tuf, L Drábková, J Šipoš
ZooKeys, 159, 2015
Enigmatic adult overwintering in damselflies: coexistence as weaker intraguild competitors due to niche separation in time
F Harabiš, A Dolný, J Šipoš
Population ecology 54 (4), 549-556, 2012
Feeding patterns in tropical groundhoppers (Tetrigidae): a case of phylogenetic dietary conservatism in a basal group of Caelifera
K Kuřavová, J Šipoš, RA Wahab, RS Kahar, P Kočárek
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 179 (2), 291-302, 2017
Patterns of functional diversity of two trophic groups after canopy thinning in an abandoned coppice
J Šipoš, R Hédl, V Hula, M Chudomelová, O Košulič, J Niedobová, ...
Folia geobotanica 52 (1), 45-58, 2017
Effect of canopy openness on the pressure of predatory arthropods and birds on epigeic insects
J Šipoš, M Drozdová, P Drozd
Central European Journal of Biology 7 (6), 1021-1029, 2012
Assessment of trends in predation pressure on insects across temperate forest microhabitats
J Šipoš, M Drozdová, P Drozd
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 15 (3), 255-261, 2013
Predation risk for insects living in moss cushions: Comparison between different strata of mountain forest
M Drozdová, J Šipoš, P Drozd
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Conglobation as a defensive behaviour of pill millipedes (Diplopoda: Glomerida)
IH Tuf, L Čmielová, J Šipoš
Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae 80, 39-44, 2016
Key factors affecting the predation risk on insects on leaves in temperate floodplain forest
M Drozdova, J Sipos, P Drozd
European Journal of Entomology 110 (3), 469, 2013
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