Pablo Ruiz Fabo
Pablo Ruiz Fabo
Senior Lecturer, Département d'informatique, Faculté des langues, Université de Strasbourg
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Combining Open Source Annotators for Entity Linking through Weighted Voting
P Ruiz, T Poibeau
Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2015), Proceedings of the Fourth …, 2015
Entities as Topic Labels: Combining Entity Linking and Labeled LDA to Improve Topic Interpretability and Evaluability
A Lauscher, F Nanni, P Ruiz Fabo, SP Ponzetto
Enjambment Detection in a Large Diachronic Corpus of Spanish Sonnets
P Ruiz Fabo, CI Martínez Cantón, T Poibeau, E González-Blanco
LaTeCH-CLFL 2017, Joint SIGHUM Workshop on Computational Linguistics for …, 2017
Long audio alignment for automatic subtitling using different phone-relatedness measures
A Álvarez, H Arzelus, P Ruiz
Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2014 IEEE International …, 2014
Lexical Normalization of Spanish Tweets with Preprocessing Rules, Domain-specific Edit Distances, and Language Models.
P Ruiz, M Cuadros, T Etchegoyhen
Proceedings of the Tweet Normalization Workshop at SEPLN 2013. IV Congreso …, 2013
Generating Navigable Semantic Maps from Social Sciences Corpora
T Poibeau, P Ruiz
Digital Humanities 2015, Sydney, 2015
More than Word Cooccurrence: Exploring Support and Opposition in International Climate Negotiations with Semantic Parsing
P Ruiz Fabo, C Plancq, T Poibeau
LREC, Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation …, 2016
Entities as topic labels: Improving topic interpretability and evaluability combining Entity Linking and Labeled LDA
F Nanni, PR Fabo
arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.07809, 2016
Improving a long audio aligner through phone-relatedness matrices for English, Spanish and Basque
A Álvarez, P Ruiz, H Arzeuls
TSD, 17th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue, 476-483, 2014
The Diachronic Spanish Sonnet Corpus (DISCO): TEI and Linked Open Data Encoding, Data Distribution and Metrical Findings
P Ruiz Fabo, H Bermúdez Sabel, CI Martínez Cantón, ...
Digital Humanities 2018, Mexico City, 2018
Lexical Normalization of Spanish Tweets with Rule-Based Components and Language Models
P Ruiz, M Cuadros, T Etchegoyhen
Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 2014
Phoneme Similarity Matrices to Improve Long Audio Alignment for Automatic Subtitling
P Ruiz, A Álvarez, H Arzelus
LREC, Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation …, 2014
Mapping the Bentham Corpus: Concept-based Navigation
P Ruiz Fabo, T Poibeau
Journal of Data Mining & Digital Humanities, 2019
ANJA,¿ dónde están los encabalgamientos?
CI Martínez Cantón, P Ruiz Fabo, E González-Blanco García
Concept-based and Relation-based Corpus Navigation: Applications of Natural Language Processing in Digital Humanities
P Ruiz Fabo
École Normale Supérieure (PSL Research University), 2017
Distant Rhythm: Automatic Enjambment Detection on Four Centuries of Spanish Sonnets
P Ruiz Fabo, CI Martínez Cantón, T Poibeau
Digital Humanities 2017, Montreal, 2017
Plotting Poetry: On mechanically enhanced reading, 5–7 October 2017, Basel, Switzerland
C Martínez Cantón, P Plecháč, P Ruiz Fabo, L Seláf
Studia Metrica et Poetica 4 (2), 126-137, 2017
Mapping the Bentham Corpus
E Tieberghien, F Mélanie-Becquet, PR Fabo, T Poibeau, M Terras, ...
Climate Negotiation Analysis
P Ruiz Fabo, C Plancq, T Poibeau
Digital Humanities 2016, 663-666, 2016
ELCO3: Entity Linking with Corpus Coherence Combining Open Source Annotators
P Ruiz, T Poibeau, F Mélanie
Proceedings of the Demonstrations at NAACL, 2015 Conference of the North …, 2015
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