Stefan Back
Stefan Back
Geological Institute, RWTH Aachen University
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Characteristics of repeated, detached, Miocene–Pliocene tectonic inversion events, in a large delta province on an active margin, Brunei Darussalam, Borneo
CK Morley, S Back, P Van Rensbergen, P Crevello, JJ Lambiase
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The deep-water fold-and-thrust belt offshore NW Borneo: Gravity-driven versus basement-driven shortening
S Hesse, S Back, D Franke
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Autotracking of faults on 3D seismic data
F Admasu, S Back, K Toennies
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Seismic geomorphology and growth architecture of a Miocene barrier reef, Browse Basin, NW-Australia
B Rosleff-Soerensen, L Reuning, S Back, P Kukla
Marine and Petroleum Geology 29 (1), 233-254, 2012
The structural evolution of folds in a deepwater fold and thrust belt–a case study from the Sabah continental margin offshore NW Borneo, SE Asia
S Hesse, S Back, D Franke
Marine and Petroleum Geology 27 (2), 442-454, 2010
Estimating hinterland exhumation from late orogenic basin volume, NW Borneo
CK Morley, S Back
Journal of the Geological Society 165 (1), 353-366, 2008
3D seismic geomorphology and sedimentology of the Chalk Group, southern Danish North Sea
S Back, H Van Gent, L Reuning, J Grötsch, J Niederau, P Kukla
Journal of the Geological Society 168 (2), 393-406, 2011
Asymmetric late Pleistocene glaciations in the North basin of the Baikal Rift, Russia
S Back, MR Strecker
Journal of the Geological Society 155 (1), 61-69, 1998
Stratigraphic development of synkinematic deposits in a large growth-fault system, onshore Brunei Darussalam
S Back, HJ Tioe, TX Thang, CK Morley
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The response of a basin‐scale Miocene barrier reef system to long‐term, strong subsidence on a passive continental margin, Barcoo Sub‐basin, Australian North West Shelf
B Rosleff‐Soerensen, L Reuning, S Back, PA Kukla
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Three‐dimensional‐seismic coherency signature of Niger Delta growth faults: integrating sedimentology and tectonics
S Back, C Höcker, MB Brundiers, PA Kukla
Basin Research 18 (3), 323-337, 2006
Three‐dimensional seismic analysis of sediment waves and related geomorphological features on a carbonate shelf exposed to large amplitude internal waves, B rowse B asin region …
J Belde, S Back, L Reuning
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Quaternary depositional systems in northern Lake Baikal, Siberia
S Back, MD Batist, MR Strecker, P Vanhauwaert
The Journal of Geology 107 (1), 1-12, 1999
Comparison of the rift and post-rift architecture of conjugated salt and salt-free basins offshore Brazil and Angola/Namibia, South Atlantic
F Strozyk, S Back, PA Kukla
Tectonophysics 716, 204-224, 2017
Identification of a fossil wood specimen in the Red Sandstone Group of southwestern Tanzania: stratigraphical and tectonic implications
F Damblon, P Gerrienne, H D'Outrelepont, D Delvaux, H Beeckman, ...
Journal of African Earth Sciences 26 (3), 387-396, 1998
Paleostresses of the Groningen area, the Netherlands—Results of a seismic based structural reconstruction
HW van Gent, S Back, JL Urai, PA Kukla, K Reicherter
Tectonophysics 470 (1-2), 147-161, 2009
Depositional environment and sequence stratigraphy of Miocene deltaic cycles exposed along the Jerudong anticline, Brunei Darussalam
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Oligocene and Miocene carbonate platform development in the Browse Basin, Australian northwest shelf
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Deformation style and basin-fill architecture of the offshore Limón back-arc basin (Costa Rica)
C Brandes, A Astorga, S Back, R Littke, J Winsemann
Marine and Petroleum Geology 24 (5), 277-287, 2007
The Frolikha Fan; a large Pleistocene glaciolacustrine outwash fan in northern Lake Baikal, Siberia
S Back, M De Batist, P Kirillov, MR Strecker, P Vanhauwaert
Journal of Sedimentary Research 68 (5), 841-849, 1998
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