Peter Kúš
The effect of sulfur dioxide on the activity of hierarchical Pd-based catalysts in methane combustion
M Monai, T Montini, M Melchionna, T Duchoň, P Kúš, C Chen, N Tsud, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 202, 72-83, 2017
Optimization of ionomer-free ultra-low loading Pt catalyst for anode/cathode of PEMFC via magnetron sputtering
A Ostroverkh, V Johánek, M Dubau, P Kuš, I Khalakhan, B Šmíd, R Fiala, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (35), 19344-19356, 2019
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M Vorokhta, I Khalakhan, M Václavů, G Kovács, SM Kozlov, P Kúš, ...
Applied Surface Science 365, 245-251, 2016
In situ probing of magnetron sputtered Pt-Ni alloy fuel cell catalysts during accelerated durability test using EC-AFM
I Khalakhan, M Vorokhta, P Kúš, M Dopita, M Václavů, R Fiala, N Tsud, ...
Electrochimica Acta 245, 760-769, 2017
Room‐Temperature Atomic‐Layer‐Deposited Al2O3 Improves the Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells over Time
M Kot, L Kegelmann, C Das, P Kus, N Tsud, I Matolinova, S Albrecht, ...
ChemSusChem 11 (20), 3640-3648, 2018
Magnetron sputtered Ir thin film on TiC-based support sublayer as low-loading anode catalyst for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis
P Kúš, A Ostroverkh, K Ševčíková, I Khalakhan, R Fiala, T Skála, N Tsud, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (34), 15124-15132, 2016
Magnetron sputtered thin-film vertically segmented Pt-Ir catalyst supported on TiC for anode side of proton exchange membrane unitized regenerative fuel cells
P Kúš, A Ostroverkh, I Khalakhan, R Fiala, Y Kosto, B Šmíd, Y Lobko, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (31), 16087-16098, 2019
Phosphorus poisoning during wet oxidation of methane over Pd@ CeO2/graphite model catalysts
M Monai, T Montini, M Melchionna, T Duchoň, P Kúš, N Tsud, KC Prince, ...
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Magnetron sputtering of polymeric targets: From thin films to heterogeneous metal/plasma polymer nanoparticles
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Efficient ceria–platinum inverse catalyst for partial oxidation of methanol
A Ostroverkh, V Johánek, P Kúš, R Šedivá, V Matolín
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In situ electrochemical AFM monitoring of the potential-dependent deterioration of platinum catalyst during potentiodynamic cycling
I Khalakhan, A Choukourov, M Vorokhta, P Kúš, I Matolínová, V Matolín
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Calorimetric investigations in a gas aggregation source
S Gauter, F Haase, P Solař, O Kylián, P Kúš, A Choukourov, H Biederman, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 124 (7), 2018
Silver/plasma polymer strawberry-like nanoparticles produced by gas-phase synthesis
O Kylián, A Kuzminova, R Štefaníková, J Hanuš, P Solař, P Kúš, M Cieslar, ...
Materials Letters 253, 238-241, 2019
Evolution of the PtNi bimetallic alloy fuel cell catalyst under simulated operational conditions
I Khalakhan, M Bogar, M Vorokhta, P Kus, Y Yakovlev, M Dopita, ...
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Micro-contacted self-assembled tungsten oxide nanorods for hydrogen gas sensing
S Haviar, Š Chlupová, P Kúš, M Gillet, V Matolín, I Matolínová
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Candle soot as efficient support for proton exchange membrane fuel cell catalyst
I Khalakhan, R Fiala, J Lavková, P Kúš, A Ostroverkh, M Václavů, ...
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In situ Near‐Ambient Pressure X‐ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Reveals the Influence of Photon Flux and Water on the Stability of Halide Perovskite
M Kot, L Kegelmann, H Köbler, M Vorokhta, C Escudero, P Kúš, B Šmíd, ...
ChemSusChem 13 (21), 5722-5730, 2020
Durable ultra‐low‐platinum ionomer‐free anode catalyst for hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cell
A Ostroverkh, M Dubau, P Kúš, S Haviar, M Václavů, B Šmíd, R Fiala, ...
International Journal of Energy Research 44 (6), 4641-4651, 2020
Sputter-etching treatment of proton-exchange membranes: Completely dry thin-film approach to low-loading catalyst-coated membranes for water electrolysis
T Hrbek, P Kúš, Y Yakovlev, J Novakova, Y Lobko, I Khalakhan, V Matolin, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (41), 20776-20786, 2020
Plasma polymerization of acrylic acid for the tunable synthesis of glassy and carboxylated nanoparticles
P Pleskunov, D Nikitin, R Tafiichuk, A Shelemin, J Hanuš, J Kousal, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124 (4), 668-678, 2020
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