Natalie Artzi
Natalie Artzi
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Institute for Medical Engineering and
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Local triple-combination therapy results in tumour regression and prevents recurrence in a colon cancer model
J Conde, N Oliva, Y Zhang, N Artzi
Nature materials 15 (10), 1128-1138, 2016
Self-assembled RNA-triple-helix hydrogel scaffold for microRNA modulation in the tumour microenvironment
J Conde, N Oliva, M Atilano, HS Song, N Artzi
Nature materials 15 (3), 353-363, 2016
In vivo and in vitro tracking of erosion in biodegradable materials using non-invasive fluorescence imaging
N Artzi, N Oliva, C Puron, S Shitreet, S Artzi, A Bon Ramos, A Groothuis, ...
Nature materials 10 (9), 890-890, 2011
Dual targeted immunotherapy via in vivo delivery of biohybrid RNAi‐peptide nanoparticles to tumor‐associated macrophages and cancer cells
J Conde, C Bao, Y Tan, D Cui, ER Edelman, HS Azevedo, HJ Byrne, ...
Advanced functional materials 25 (27), 4183-4194, 2015
Designing hydrogels for on-demand therapy
N Oliva, J Conde, K Wang, N Artzi
Accounts of chemical research 50 (4), 669-679, 2017
Overcoming the translational barriers of tissue adhesives
GM Taboada, K Yang, MJN Pereira, SS Liu, Y Hu, JM Karp, N Artzi, Y Lee
Nature Reviews Materials 5 (4), 310-329, 2020
Dual-Color Emissive Upconversion Nanocapsules for Differential Cancer Bioimaging In Vivo
OS Kwon, HS Song, J Conde, H Kim, N Artzi, JH Kim
ACS nano 10 (1), 1512-1521, 2016
Aldehyde‐amine chemistry enables modulated biosealants with tissue‐specific adhesion
N Artzi, T Shazly, AB Baker, A Bon, ER Edelman
Advanced materials 21 (32‐33), 3399-3403, 2009
Implantable hydrogel embedded dark-gold nanoswitch as a theranostic probe to sense and overcome cancer multidrug resistance
J Conde, N Oliva, N Artzi
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (11), E1278-E1287, 2015
3D hydrogel scaffold doped with 2D graphene materials for biosensors and bioelectronics
HS Song, OS Kwon, JH Kim, J Conde, N Artzi
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89, 187-200, 2017
Local microRNA delivery targets Palladin and prevents metastatic breast cancer
A Gilam, J Conde, D Weissglas-Volkov, N Oliva, E Friedman, N Artzi, ...
Nature Communications 7 (1), 12868, 2016
Hydrogel doped with nanoparticles for local sustained release of siRNA in breast cancer
N Segovia, M Pont, N Oliva, V Ramos, S Borrós, N Artzi
Advanced healthcare materials 4 (2), 271-280, 2015
Mechanism of erosion of nanostructured porous silicon drug carriers in neoplastic tissues
A Tzur-Balter, Z Shatsberg, M Beckerman, E Segal, N Artzi
Nature communications 6 (1), 6208, 2015
Melt blending of ethylene‐vinyl alcohol copolymer/clay nanocomposites: Effect of the clay type and processing conditions
N Artzi, Y Nir, M Narkis, A Siegmann
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 40 (16), 1741-1753, 2002
Viscoelastic adhesive mechanics of aldehyde-mediated soft tissue sealants
TM Shazly, N Artzi, F Boehning, ER Edelman
Biomaterials 29 (35), 4584-4591, 2008
Target-responsive DNA/RNA nanomaterials for microRNA sensing and inhibition: The jack-of-all-trades in cancer nanotheranostics?
J Conde, ER Edelman, N Artzi
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 81, 169-183, 2015
Characterization of star adhesive sealants based on PEG/dextran hydrogels
N Artzi, T Shazly, C Crespo, AB Ramos, HK Chenault, ER Edelman
Macromolecular bioscience 9 (8), 754-765, 2009
Regulation of dendrimer/dextran material performance by altered tissue microenvironment in inflammation and neoplasia
N Oliva, M Carcole, M Beckerman, S Seliktar, A Hayward, J Stanley, ...
Science translational medicine 7 (272), 272ra11-272ra11, 2015
Hydrogel nanocomposites with independently tunable rheology and mechanics
S Unterman, LF Charles, SE Strecker, D Kramarenko, D Pivovarchik, ...
Acs Nano 11 (3), 2598-2610, 2017
Are RNAi and miRNA therapeutics truly dead?
J Conde, N Artzi
Trends in biotechnology 33 (3), 141-144, 2015
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