Lars Stenseng
Lars Stenseng
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The DTU13 MSS (mean sea surface) and MDT (mean dynamic topography) from 20 years of satellite altimetry
O Andersen, P Knudsen, L Stenseng
IGFS 2014: Proceedings of the 3rd International Gravity Field Service (IGFS …, 2016
Step‐wise changes in glacier flow speed coincide with calving and glacial earthquakes at Helheim Glacier, Greenland
M Nettles, TB Larsen, P Elosegui, GS Hamilton, LA Stearns, AP Ahlstrøm, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (24), 2008
A new programme for monitoring the mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet
AP Ahlstrøm, PROMICE Project Team
GEUS Bulletin 15, 61-64, 2008
Spatial and temporal melt variability at Helheim Glacier, East Greenland, and its effect on ice dynamics
ML Andersen, TB Larsen, M Nettles, P Elosegui, D Van As, GS Hamilton, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 115 (F4), 2010
Validation of CryoSat-2 SAR mode based lake levels
K Nielsen, L Stenseng, OB Andersen, H Villadsen, P Knudsen
Remote Sensing of Environment 171, 162-170, 2015
Basin-scale partitioning of Greenland ice sheet mass balance components (2007–2011)
ML Andersen, L Stenseng, H Skourup, W Colgan, SA Khan, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 409, 89-95, 2015
Improved inland water levels from SAR altimetry using novel empirical and physical retrackers
H Villadsen, X Deng, OB Andersen, L Stenseng, K Nielsen, P Knudsen
Journal of hydrology 537, 234-247, 2016
CryoSat-2 altimetry for river level monitoring—Evaluation in the Ganges–Brahmaputra River basin
H Villadsen, OB Andersen, L Stenseng, K Nielsen, P Knudsen
Remote Sensing of Environment 168, 80-89, 2015
The DTU15 MSS (mean sea surface) and DTU15LAT (lowest astronomical tide) reference surface
OB Andersen, L Stenseng, G Piccioni, P Knudsen
ESA Living planet symposium 2016, 2016
Sea surface height determination in the Arctic using Cryosat-2 SAR data from primary peak empirical retrackers
M Jain, OB Andersen, J Dall, L Stenseng
Advances in Space Research 55 (1), 40-50, 2015
Analysis of one month of CHAMP state vector and accelerometer data for the recovery of the gravity potential
E Howe, L Stenseng, CC Tscherning
Advances in Geosciences 1, 1-4, 2003
SEASTAR: a mission to study ocean submesoscale dynamics and small-scale atmosphere-ocean processes in coastal, shelf and polar seas
C Gommenginger, B Chapron, A Hogg, C Buckingham, B Fox-Kemper, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 457, 2019
A new DTU18 MSS mean sea surface–Improvement from SAR altimetry
O Andersen, P Knudsen, L Stenseng
25 years of progress in radar altimetry symposium, 2018
High-resolution ice thickness and bed topography of a land-terminating section of the Greenland Ice Sheet
K Lindbäck, R Pettersson, SH Doyle, C Helanow, P Jansson, ...
Earth System Science Data 6 (2), 331-338, 2014
Sudden increase in tidal response linked to calving and acceleration at a large Greenland outlet glacier
J De Juan, P Elósegui, M Nettles, TB Larsen, JL Davis, GS Hamilton, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (12), 2010
Assessing a multilayered dynamic firn-compaction model for Greenland with ASIRAS radar measurements
SB Simonsen, L Stenseng, G Ađalgeirsdóttir, RS Fausto, CS Hvidberg, ...
Journal of Glaciology 59 (215), 545-558, 2013
Coastal sea level from inland CryoSat‐2 interferometric SAR altimetry
A Abulaitijiang, OB Andersen, L Stenseng
Geophysical Research Letters 42 (6), 1841-1847, 2015
The performance and potentials of the CryoSat-2 SAR and SARIn modes for lake level estimation
K Nielsen, L Stenseng, OB Andersen, P Knudsen
Water 9 (6), 374, 2017
Preliminary gravity recovery from CryoSat-2 data in the Baffin Bay
L Stenseng, OB Andersen
Advances in space research 50 (8), 1158-1163, 2012
Effects of surface roughness on sea ice freeboard retrieval with an Airborne Ku-Band SAR radar altimeter
S Hendricks, L Stenseng, V Helm, C Haas
2010 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 3126-3129, 2010
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