Yizhou Liu (刘易周)
Yizhou Liu (刘易周)
School of Physics Science and Engineering, Tongji University
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Charge density waves and electronic properties of superconducting kagome metals
H Tan, Y Liu, Z Wang, B Yan
Physical review letters 127 (4), 046401, 2021
Topological phononics: from fundamental models to real materials
Y Liu, X Chen, Y Xu
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (8), 1904784, 2020
Model for topological phononics and phonon diode
Y Liu, Y Xu, SC Zhang, W Duan
Physical Review B 96 (6), 064106, 2017
Pseudospins and topological effects of phonons in a kekulé lattice
Y Liu, CS Lian, Y Li, Y Xu, W Duan
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Giant room-temperature spin caloritronics in spin-semiconducting graphene nanoribbons
X Chen, Y Liu, BL Gu, W Duan, F Liu
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Chirality-driven topological electronic structure of DNA-like materials
Y Liu, J Xiao, J Koo, B Yan
Nature materials 20 (5), 638-644, 2021
Berry phase and topological effects of phonons
Y Liu, Y Xu, W Duan
National Science Review 5 (3), 314-316, 2018
Pseudo Dirac nodal sphere semimetal
J Wang, Y Liu, KH Jin, X Sui, L Zhang, W Duan, F Liu, B Huang
Physical Review B 98 (20), 201112, 2018
Chirality-induced giant unidirectional magnetoresistance in twisted bilayer graphene
Y Liu, T Holder, B Yan
The Innovation 2 (1), 100085, 2021
Three-dimensional topological states of phonons with tunable pseudospin physics
Y Liu, Y Xu, W Duan
Research, 2019
Three-state nematicity and magneto-optical Kerr effect in the charge density waves in kagome superconductors
Y Xu, Z Ni, Y Liu, BR Ortiz, Q Deng, SD Wilson, B Yan, L Balents, L Wu
Nature physics, 1-6, 2022
Electrically tunable valleytronics in quantum anomalous Hall insulating transition metal trihalides
Y Li, Y Liu, C Wang, J Wang, Y Xu, W Duan
Physical Review B 98 (20), 201407, 2018
Observation of anomalous amplitude modes in the kagome metal CsV3Sb5
G Liu, X Ma, K He, Q Li, H Tan, Y Liu, J Xu, W Tang, K Watanabe, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 3461, 2022
Ubiquitous topological states of phonons in solids: Silicon as a model material
Y Liu, N Zou, S Zhao, X Chen, Y Xu, W Duan
Nano letters 22 (5), 2120-2126, 2022
Thermal engineering in low‐dimensional quantum devices: A tutorial review of nonequilibrium Green's function methods
X Chen, Y Liu, W Duan
Small Methods 2 (6), 1700343, 2018
Universal three-state nematicity and magneto-optical Kerr effect in the charge density waves in AVSb (A=Cs, Rb, K)
Y Xu, Z Ni, Y Liu, BR Ortiz, SD Wilson, B Yan, L Balents, L Wu
arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.10116, 2022
Size dependence and ballistic limits of thermal transport in anisotropic layered two-dimensional materials
Z Li, Y Liu, L Lindsay, Y Xu, W Duan, E Pop
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.02772, 2017
Unconventional anomalous Hall effect from magnetization parallel to the electric field
H Tan, Y Liu, B Yan
Physical Review B 103 (21), 214438, 2021
Detection of the Orbital Hall Effect by the Orbital–Spin Conversion
J Xiao, Y Liu, B Yan
Memorial Volume for Shoucheng Zhang, 353-364, 2022
Unusual Spin Polarization in the Chirality-Induced Spin Selectivity
Y Wolf, Y Liu, J Xiao, N Park, B Yan
ACS nano 16 (11), 18601-18607, 2022
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