Tobias Meilinger
Tobias Meilinger
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
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Up the down staircase: Wayfinding strategies in multi-level buildings
C Hölscher, T Meilinger, G Vrachliotis, M Brösamle, M Knauff
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Working memory in wayfinding—A dual task experiment in a virtual city
T Meilinger, M Knauff, HH Bülthoff
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How the presence of passengers influences the risk of a collision with another vehicle
M Vollrath, T Meilinger, HP Krüger
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The network of reference frames theory: A synthesis of graphs and cognitive maps
T Meilinger
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Adaptivity of wayfinding strategies in a multi-building ensemble: The effects of spatial structure, task requirements, and metric information
C Hölscher, SJ Büchner, T Meilinger, G Strube
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From isovists via mental representations to behaviour: first steps toward closing the causal chain
T Meilinger, G Franz, HH Bülthoff
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Is the map in our head oriented north?
J Frankenstein, BJ Mohler, HH Bülthoff, T Meilinger
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How much information do you need? Schematic maps in wayfinding and self localisation
T Meilinger, C Hölscher, SJ Büchner, M Brösamle
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Local and global reference frames for environmental spaces
T Meilinger, BE Riecke, HH Bülthoff
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Finding the way inside: Linking architectural design analysis and cognitive processes
C Hölscher, T Meilinger, G Vrachliotis, M Brösamle, M Knauff
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Putting egocentric and allocentric into perspective
T Meilinger, G Vosgerau
Spatial Cognition VII: International Conference, Spatial Cognition 2010, Mt …, 2010
Signs and maps–cognitive economy in the use of external aids for indoor navigation
C Holscher, SJ Buchner, M Brosamle, T Meilinger, G Strube
Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 29 (29), 2007
MPI CyberMotion Simulator: Implementation of a novel motion simulator to investigate multisensory path integration in three dimensions
M Barnett-Cowan, T Meilinger, M Vidal, H Teufel, HH Bülthoff
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Ask for directions or use a map: A field experiment on spatial orientation and wayfinding in an urban environment
T Meilinger, M Knauff
Journal of Spatial Science 53 (2), 13-23, 2008
Learning new sensorimotor contingencies: Effects of long-term use of sensory augmentation on the brain and conscious perception
SU König, F Schumann, J Keyser, C Goeke, C Krause, S Wache, ...
PloS one 11 (12), e0166647, 2016
Qualitative differences in memory for vista and environmental spaces are caused by opaque borders, not movement or successive presentation
T Meilinger, M Strickrodt, HH Bülthoff
Cognition 155, 77-95, 2016
Spatial and temporal aspects of navigation in two neurological patients
IJM van der Ham, MJE van Zandvoort, T Meilinger, SE Bosch, N Kant, ...
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Learning to navigate: experience versus maps
T Meilinger, J Frankenstein, HH Bülthoff
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The integration of spatial information across different viewpoints
T Meilinger, A Berthoz, JM Wiener
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Virtual reality and spatial cognition
G Hardless, T Meilinger, HA Mallot
International encyclopedia of the social behavioral sciences, 133-137, 2015
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