Benoit Labit
Benoit Labit
Swiss Plasma Center, EPFL
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Experimental observation of the blob-generation mechanism from interchange waves in a plasma
I Furno, B Labit, M Podestà, A Fasoli, SH Müller, FM Poli, P Ricci, ...
Physical review letters 100 (5), 055004, 2008
Cross-field motion of plasma blobs in an open magnetic field line configuration
C Theiler, I Furno, P Ricci, A Fasoli, B Labit, SH Müller, G Plyushchev
Physical review letters 103 (6), 065001, 2009
Electrostatic turbulence and transport in a simple magnetized plasma
A Fasoli, B Labit, M McGrath, SH Müller, G Plyushchev, M Podestà, ...
Physics of Plasmas 13 (5), 2006
Universal statistical properties of drift-interchange turbulence in TORPEX plasmas
B Labit, I Furno, A Fasoli, A Diallo, SH Müller, G Plyushchev, M Podestà, ...
Physical review letters 98 (25), 255002, 2007
Results from recent detachment experiments in alternative divertor configurations on TCV
C Theiler, B Lipschultz, J Harrison, B Labit, H Reimerdes, C Tsui, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (7), 072008, 2017
Mechanism for blob generation in the TORPEX toroidal plasma
I Furno, B Labit, A Fasoli, FM Poli, P Ricci, C Theiler, S Brunner, A Diallo, ...
Physics of Plasmas 15 (5), 2008
Impact of a narrow limiter SOL heat flux channel on the ITER first wall panel shaping
M Kocan, RA Pitts, G Arnoux, I Balboa, PC De Vries, R Dejarnac, I Furno, ...
Nuclear Fusion 55 (3), 033019, 2015
“Snowflake” H mode in a tokamak plasma
F Piras, S Coda, BP Duval, B Labit, J Marki, SY Medvedev, JM Moret, ...
Physical review letters 105 (15), 155003, 2010
Overview of the TCV tokamak program: scientific progress and facility upgrades
S Coda, J Ahn, R Albanese, S Alberti, E Alessi, S Allan, H Anand, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (10), 102011, 2017
Power distribution in the snowflake divertor in TCV
H Reimerdes, GP Canal, BP Duval, B Labit, T Lunt, WAJ Vijvers, S Coda, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 55 (12), 124027, 2013
Overview of progress in European medium sized tokamaks towards an integrated plasma-edge/wall solution a
H Meyer, T Eich, M Beurskens, S Coda, A Hakola, P Martin, J Adamek, ...
Nuclear fusion 57 (10), 102014, 2017
Physics research on the TCV tokamak facility: from conventional to alternative scenarios and beyond
S Coda, M Agostini, R Albanese, S Alberti, E Alessi, S Allan, J Allcock, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), 112023, 2019
Electrostatic instabilities, turbulence and fast ion interactions in the TORPEX device
A Fasoli, A Burckel, L Federspiel, I Furno, K Gustafson, D Iraji, B Labit, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 52 (12), 124020, 2010
Plasma blobs in a basic toroidal experiment: Origin, dynamics, and induced transport
SH Müller, A Diallo, A Fasoli, I Furno, B Labit, M Podesta
Physics of plasmas 14 (11), 2007
Effects of a vertical magnetic field on particle confinement in a magnetized plasma torus
SH Müller, A Fasoli, B Labit, M McGrath, M Podestà, FM Poli
Physical review letters 93 (16), 165003, 2004
Analysis of wall-embedded Langmuir probe signals in different conditions on the tokamak à configuration variable
O Février, C Theiler, H De Oliveira, B Labit, N Fedorczak, A Baillod
Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (5), 2018
Plasma production by low-field side injection of electron cyclotron waves in a simple magnetized torus
M Podestà, A Fasoli, B Labit, M McGrath, SH Müller, FM Poli
Plasma physics and controlled fusion 47 (11), 1989, 2005
Global numerical study of electron temperature gradient-driven turbulence and transport scaling
B Labit, M Ottaviani
Physics of Plasmas 10 (1), 126-134, 2003
Divertor power load studies for attached L-mode single-null plasmas in TCV
R Maurizio, S Elmore, N Fedorczak, A Gallo, H Reimerdes, B Labit, ...
Nuclear Fusion 58 (1), 016052, 2017
Theory-based scaling of the SOL width in circular limited tokamak plasmas
FD Halpern, P Ricci, B Labit, I Furno, S Jolliet, J Loizu, A Mosetto, ...
Nuclear Fusion 53 (12), 122001, 2013
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