Jean-Baptiste Colliat
Jean-Baptiste Colliat
Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
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Failure of heterogeneous materials: 3D meso‐scale FE models with embedded discontinuities
N Benkemoun, M Hautefeuille, JB Colliat, A Ibrahimbegovic
International journal for numerical methods in engineering 82 (13), 1671-1688, 2010
Experimental investigation of the variability of concrete durability properties
A Aît-Mokhtar, R Belarbi, F Benboudjema, N Burlion, B Capra, ...
Cement and concrete research 45, 21-36, 2013
Concrete calcium leaching at variable temperature: experimental data and numerical model inverse identification
T De Larrard, F Benboudjema, JB Colliat, JM Torrenti, F Deleruyelle
Computational Materials Science 49 (1), 35-45, 2010
Numerical strategies for prediction of drying cracks in heterogeneous materials: Comparison upon experimental results
F Lagier, X Jourdain, C De Sa, F Benboudjema, JB Colliat
Engineering Structures 33 (3), 920-931, 2011
Anisotropic constitutive model of plasticity capable of accounting for details of meso-structure of two-phase composite material
N Benkemoun, A Ibrahimbegovic, JB Colliat
Computers & structures 90, 153-162, 2012
Multi-scale failure of heterogeneous materials: A double kinematics enhancement for Embedded Finite Element Method
E Roubin, A Vallade, N Benkemoun, JB Colliat
International Journal of Solids and Structures 52, 180-196, 2015
Thermomechanical coupling in folded plates and non-smooth shells
A Ibrahimbegovic, JB Colliat, L Davenne
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 194 (21-24), 2686-2707, 2005
Upscaling permeability for fractured concrete: meso–macro numerical approach coupled to strong discontinuities
X Jourdain, JB Colliat, C De Sa, F Benboudjema, F Gatuingt
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics …, 2014
Multiscale in time and stability analysis of operator split solution procedures applied to thermomechanical problems
A Ibrahimbegovic, I Kožar, P Marović, C Kassiotis, JB Colliat, ...
Engineering Computations, 2009
A multi-scale approach to model localized failure with softening
M Hautefeuille, JB Colliat, A Ibrahimbegovic, HG Matthies, P Villon
Computers & structures 94, 83-95, 2012
Damage and plastic friction in initially anisotropic quasi brittle materials
M Qi, JF Shao, A Giraud, QZ Zhu, JB Colliat
International Journal of Plasticity 82, 260-282, 2016
Effect of the Young modulus variability on the mechanical behaviour of a nuclear containment vessel
T De Larrard, JB Colliat, F Benboudjema, JM Torrenti, G Nahas
Nuclear engineering and Design 240 (12), 4051-4060, 2010
Stochastic approach to size effect in quasi-brittle materials
JB Colliat, M Hautefeuille, A Ibrahimbegovic, HG Matthies
Comptes Rendus Mécanique 335 (8), 430-435, 2007
Failure model for heterogeneous structures using structured meshes and accounting for probability aspects
M Hautefeuille, S Melnyk, JB Colliat, A Ibrahimbegovic
Engineering Computations: Int J for Computer-Aided Engineering 26 (1-2), 166-184, 2009
Meso-scale modeling of concrete: A morphological description based on excursion sets of Random Fields
E Roubin, JB Colliat, N Benkemoun
Computational Materials Science 102, 183-195, 2015
Modélisation jusqu'à rupture de murs en maçonnerie chargés dans leur plan
JB Colliat, L Davenne, A Ibrahimbegovic
Revue francaise de génie civil 6 (4), 593-606, 2002
Probability based size effect representation for failure in civil engineering structures built of heterogeneous materials
A Ibrahimbegovic, JB Colliat, M Hautefeuille, D Brancherie, S Melnyk
Computational methods in stochastic dynamics, 291-313, 2011
FE modelling with strong discontinuities for 3D tensile and shear fractures: application to underground excavation
P Hauseux, E Roubin, DM Seyedi, JB Colliat
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 309, 269-287, 2016
Mechanical Properties of Unreinforced Brick Masonry, Section1
K Mosalam, L Glascoe, J Bernier
Lawrence Livermore National Lab.(LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States), 2009
IRIS_2010-Part III: Numerical simulations of Meppen II-4 test and VTT-IRSN-CNSC Punching tests
N Orbovic, F Benboudjema, JB Colliat, Y Berthaud, F Tarallo, ...
Transactions, SMiRT 21, 2011
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