Radek Kundt
Radek Kundt
LEVYNA Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion, Masaryk University
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Contemporary evolutionary theories of culture and the study of religion
R Kundt
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Religious cognition and behaviour in autism: The role of mentalizing
P Reddish, P Tok, R Kundt
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D Xygalatas, EK Klocová, J Cigán, R Kundt, P Maňo, S Kotherová, ...
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R Kundt
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Making evolutionary science of religion an integral part of cognitive science of religion
R Kundt
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Can cognitive science of religion help us to better understand the reasons for Nestorius' downfall?
R Kundt
Social inequality and signaling in a costly ritual
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Can predictive coding explain past experiences?
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A Scientific Discipline: The Persistence of a Delusion?
R Kundt
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Evoluční teorie a religionistika: Současné evoluční přístupy ke studiu náboženství
R Kundt
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Experimentální výzkum náboženství: Budování výzkumného programu kognitivní religionistiky
R Kundt
The awe-prosociality relationship: evidence for the role of context
A Ejova, J Krátký, E Kundtová Klocová, R Kundt, J Cigán, S Kotherová, ...
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M Lang, R Kundt
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