Nhung T. H. Nguyen
Nhung T. H. Nguyen
National Centre for Text Mining, University of Manchester, UK
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An ensemble of neural models for nested adverse drug events and medication extraction with subwords
M Ju, NTH Nguyen, M Miwa, S Ananiadou
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Wide-coverage relation extraction from MEDLINE using deep syntax
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Constructing a biodiversity terminological inventory
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Extracting bacteria biotopes with semi-supervised named entity recognition and coreference resolution
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COPIOUS: A gold standard corpus of named entities towards extracting species occurrence from biodiversity literature
NTH Nguyen, RS Gabud, S Ananiadou
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Investigating domain-specific information for neural coreference resolution on biomedical texts
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Open Information Extraction from Biomedical Literature Using Predicate-Argument Structure Patterns
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Proactive Learning for Named Entity Recognition
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A text mining-based framework for constructing an RDF-compliant biodiversity knowledge repository
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A variant of non-adaptive group testing and its application in pay-television via internet
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A new corpus to support text mining for the curation of metabolites in the Chebi database
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Identifying synonymy between relational phrases using word embeddings
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NaCTeM-UoM@ CL-SciSumm 2019
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Ensuring annotation consistency and accuracy for Vietnamese treebank
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NaCTeM at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Inferring sentence-level semantic similarity from an ensemble of complementary lexical and sentence-level features
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Coreference resolution in full text articles with bert and syntax-based mention filtering
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ViMs: a high-quality Vietnamese dataset for abstractive multi-document summarization
NT Tran, MQ Nghiem, NTH Nguyen, NLT Nguyen, N Van Chi, D Dinh
Language Resources and Evaluation 54 (4), 893-920, 2020
A General Approach for Word Reordering in English-Vietnamese-English Statistical Machine Translation
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Simple Semantic-based Data Augmentation for Named Entity Recognition in Biomedical Texts
UTP Phan, NTH Nguyen
The BioNLP 2022 workshop, 123–129, 2022
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