Harald G. L. Schwefel
Harald G. L. Schwefel
University of Otago, Department of Physics
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Nonlinear and quantum optics with whispering gallery resonators
DV Strekalov, C Marquardt, AB Matsko, HGL Schwefel, G Leuchs
Journal of Optics 18 (12), 123002, 2016
Efficient microwave to optical photon conversion: an electro-optical realization
A Rueda, F Sedlmeir, MC Collodo, U Vogl, B Stiller, G Schunk, ...
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Dramatic shape sensitivity of directional emission patterns from similarly deformed cylindrical polymer lasers
HGL Schwefel, NB Rex, HE Tureci, RK Chang, AD Stone, ...
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Fresnel filtering in lasing emission from scarred modes of wave-chaotic optical resonators
NB Rex, HE Tureci, HGL Schwefel, RK Chang, AD Stone
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Coherent conversion between microwave and optical photons—an overview of physical implementations
NJ Lambert, A Rueda, F Sedlmeir, HGL Schwefel
Advanced Quantum Technologies 3 (1), 1900077, 2020
Broadband NIR photoluminescence from Bi-doped Ba2P2O7 crystals: Insights into the nature of NIR-emitting Bismuth centers
M Peng, B Sprenger, MA Schmidt, HGL Schwefel, L Wondraczek
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Resonant electro-optic frequency comb
A Rueda, F Sedlmeir, M Kumari, G Leuchs, HGL Schwefel
Nature 568 (7752), 378-381, 2019
Intracavity Squeezing Can Enhance Quantum-Limited Optomechanical Position Detection through Deamplification
V Peano, HGL Schwefel, C Marquardt, F Marquardt
Physical review letters 115 (24), 243603, 2015
Modes of wave-chaotic dielectric resonators
HE Türeci, HGL Schwefel, P Jacquod, AD Stone
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Static envelope patterns in composite resonances generated by level crossing in optical toroidal microcavities
T Carmon, HGL Schwefel, L Yang, M Oxborrow, AD Stone, KJ Vahala
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High-Q MgF2 whispering gallery mode resonators for refractometric sensing in aqueous environment
F Sedlmeir, R Zeltner, G Leuchs, HGL Schwefel
Optics Express; arXiv preprint arXiv:1409.2539 22 (25), 30934-30942, 2014
Whispering-gallery-mode-resonator-stabilized narrow-linewidth fiber loop laser
B Sprenger, HGL Schwefel, LJ Wang
Optics letters 34 (21), 3370-3372, 2009
Octave-spanning tunable parametric oscillation in crystalline Kerr microresonators
NLB Sayson, T Bi, V Ng, H Pham, LS Trainor, HGL Schwefel, S Coen, ...
Nature Photonics 13 (10), 701-706, 2019
A Gaussian-optical Approach to Stable Periodic Orbit Resonances of Partially Chaotic Dielectric Micro-cavities
HE Tureci, HGL Schwefel, EE Narimanov, AD Stone
Optics Express, 2002; Arxiv preprint physics/0207003 16, 752-776, 2002
Identifying modes of large whispering-gallery mode resonators from the spectrum and emission pattern
G Schunk, JU Fürst, M Förtsch, DV Strekalov, U Vogl, F Sedlmeir, ...
Optics Express 22 (25), 30795-30806, 2014
Whispering gallery modes at the rim of an axisymmetric optical resonator: Analytical versus numerical description and comparison with experiment
I Breunig, B Sturman, F Sedlmeir, HGL Schwefel, K Buse
Optics Express 21 (25), 30683-30692, 2013
Highly efficient generation of single-mode photon pairs from a crystalline whispering-gallery-mode resonator source
M Förtsch, G Schunk, JU Fürst, D Strekalov, T Gerrits, MJ Stevens, ...
Physical Review A 91 (2), 023812, 2015
Interfacing transitions of different alkali atoms and telecom bands using one narrowband photon pair source
G Schunk, U Vogl, DV Strekalov, M Förtsch, F Sedlmeir, HGL Schwefel, ...
Optica 2 (9), 773-778, 2015
Microwave whispering gallery resonator for efficient optical up-conversion
DV Strekalov, HGL Schwefel, AA Savchenkov, AB Matsko, LJ Wang, N Yu
Physical Review A, 2009; Arxiv preprint arXiv:0905.2961, 2009
Coupled whispering gallery mode resonators in the Terahertz frequency range
S Preu, HGL Schwefel, S Malzer, GH Döhler, LJ Wang, M Hanson, ...
Opt. Express 16 (10), 7336-7343, 2008
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