Daniel Kouřil
Daniel Kouřil
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Managing dynamic user communities in a grid of autonomous resources
R Alfieri, R Cecchini, V Ciaschini, A Gianoli, F Spataro, F Bonnassieux, ...
arXiv preprint cs/0306004, 2003
Practical approaches to grid workload and resource management in the EGEE project
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A credential renewal service for long-running jobs
D Koufil, J Basney
The 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing, 2005., 6 pp., 2005
Cloud-based testbed for simulation of cyber attacks
D Kouril, T Rebok, T Jirsik, J Cegan, M Drasar, M Vizváry, J Vykopal
2014 IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), 1-6, 2014
Authentication and authorization mechanisms for multi-domain grid environments
LA Cornwall, J Jensen, DP Kelsey, A Frohner, D Kouřil, F Bonnassieux, ...
Journal of Grid Computing 2, 301-311, 2004
CREAM: a simple, grid-accessible, job management system for local computational resources
P Andreetto, SA Borgia, A Dorigo, A Gianelle, M Marzolla, M Mordacchini, ...
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The DataGrid workload management system: Challenges and results
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The EU DataGrid Workload Management System: towards the second major release
G Avellino, S Barale, S Beco, B Cantalupo, D Colling, F Giacomini, ...
arXiv preprint cs/0306072, 2003
Integrating GRID tools to build a computing resource broker: activities of DataGrid WP1
C Anglano, S Barale
高能物理与核物理计算国际会议公报: 英文版, 708-711, 2001
Job tracking on a grid—the Logging and Bookkeeping and Job Provenance services
L Matyska, A Křenek, M Ruda, J Sitera, D Kouřil, M Voců, J Pospíšil, ...
CESNET Technical Report No 9/2007, 2007
A robust and efficient mechanism to distribute certificate revocation information using the Grid Monitoring Architecture
D Kouril, L Matyska, M Prochazka
21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and …, 2007
gLite job provenance
F Dvořák, D Kouřil, A Křenek, L Matyska, M Mulač, J Pospíšil, M Ruda, ...
International Provenance and Annotation Workshop, 246-253, 2006
Distributed tracking, storage, and re-use of job state information on the grid
D Kouril, A Krenek, L Matyska, M Mulaˇc, J Pospıšil, M Ruda, Z Salvet, ...
Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP04), 2004
Services for tracking and archival of grid job information
F Dvorak, D Kouril, A Krenek, L Matyska, M Mulac, J Pospıšil, M Ruda, ...
Proceeding of Cracow Grid Workshop, 2005
The first deployment of workload management services on the EU DataGrid Testbed: feedback on design and implementation
G Avellino, S Beco, B Cantalupo, F Pacini, A Terracina, A Maraschini, ...
arXiv preprint cs/0306007, 2003
A Race for Security: Identifying Vulnerabilities on 50 000 Hosts Faster than Attackers
M Procházka, D Kouril, R Wartel, C Kanellopoulos, C Triantafyllidis
Proceedings of Science (PoS). International Symposium on Grid and Clouds, 2011
Exploratory analysis of file system metadata for rapid investigation of security incidents
M Beran, F Hrdina, D Kouřil, R Ošlejšek, K Zákopčanová
2020 IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec), 11-20, 2020
Egi security monitoring
M Ma, D Kouril, M Procházka, C L’Orphelin, O Lequeux, P Veyre, ...
International Symposium on Grids and Clouds proceedings 1, 2012
Transparent security for collaborative environments
E Hladká, D Kouril, M Procházka, L Matyska, P Holub
2007 International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking …, 2007
Improving security in grids using the smart card technology
D Kouril, L Matyska, M Procházka
2006 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Grid Computing, 303-304, 2006
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