José Manuel Padial
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Taxonomic inflation and the stability of species lists: the perils of ostrich's behavior
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A response to recent proposals for integrative taxonomy
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From Amazonia to the Atlantic forest: Molecular phylogeny of Phyzelaphryninae frogs reveals unexpected diversity and a striking biogeographic pattern emphasizing conservation …
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Assessing the taxonomic status of tropical frogs through bioacoustics: geographical variation in the advertisement calls in the Eleutherodactylus discoidalis species group (Anura)
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Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 152 (2), 353-365, 2008
Molecular systematics of teioid lizards (Teioidea/Gymnophthalmoidea: Squamata) based on the analysis of 48 loci under tree‐alignment and similarity‐alignment
N Goicoechea, DR Frost, I De la Riva, KCM Pellegrino, J Sites Jr, ...
Cladistics 32 (6), 624-671, 2016
Integrative taxonomists should use and produce DNA barcodes
JM Padial, I De la Riva
Zootaxa 1586, 67-68, 2007
Commented distributional list of the reptiles of Mauritania (West Africa)
JM Padial
Graellsia 62 (2), 159-178, 2006
Recovering phylogenetic signal from frog mating calls
N Goicoechea, I De La Riva, JM Padial
Zoologica Scripta 39 (2), 141-154, 2010
Phylogeny of North African Agama lizards (Reptilia: Agamidae) and the role of the Sahara desert in vertebrate speciation
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Correlates of species richness in the largest Neotropical amphibian radiation
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24 (5), 931-942, 2011
A revision of species diversity in the Neotropical genus Oreobates (Anura: Strabomantidae), with the description of three new species from the Amazonian slopes of the Andes
JM Padial, JC Chaparro, S Castroviejo-Fisher, JM Guayasamin, E Lehr, ...
American Museum Novitates 2012 (3752), 1-55, 2012
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J Köhler, D Koscinski, JM Padial, JC Chaparro, P Handford, ...
Zoologica Scripta 39 (6), 572-590, 2010
The Identity of the Crackling, Luminescent Frog of Suriname (Rana typhonia Linnaeus, 1758) (Amphibia, Anura)
EO Lavilla, JA Langone, JM Padial, RO de Sá
Zootaxa 2671, 17, 2010
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