Sudipto Saha
Sudipto Saha
Associate Professor, Bose Institute, Kolkata
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Prediction of continuous B‐cell epitopes in an antigen using recurrent neural network
S Saha, GPS Raghava
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AlgPred: prediction of allergenic proteins and mapping of IgE epitopes
S Saha, GPS Raghava
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Metagenomic surveys of gut microbiota
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BTXpred: prediction of bacterial toxins
S Saha, GPS Raghava
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Enhanced energy metabolism contributes to the extended life span of calorie-restricted Caenorhabditis elegans
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Machine-learning techniques for the prediction of protein–protein interactions
D Sarkar, S Saha
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LncRBase: an enriched resource for lncRNA information
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Prediction of neurotoxins based on their function and source
S Saha, GPS Raghava
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piRNAQuest: searching the piRNAome for silencers
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Survey of drug resistance associated gene mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, ESKAPE and other bacterial species
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Scientific reports 10 (1), 8957, 2020
SUMOylation pathway alteration coupled with downregulation of SUMO E2 enzyme at mucosal epithelium modulates inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease
SA Mustfa, M Singh, A Suhail, G Mohapatra, S Verma, D Chakravorty, ...
Open biology 7 (6), 170024, 2017
High throughput screen identifies small molecule inhibitors specific for Mycobacterium tuberculosis phosphoserine phosphatase
G Arora, P Tiwari, RS Mandal, A Gupta, D Sharma, S Saha, R Singh
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (36), 25149-25165, 2014
Host-virus protein interaction network reveals the involvement of multiple host processes in the life cycle of hepatitis E virus
C Subramani, VP Nair, S Anang, SD Mandal, M Pareek, N Kaushik, ...
MSystems 3 (1), 10.1128/msystems. 00135-17, 2018
R ing‐H ydroxylating O xygenase database: a database of bacterial aromatic ring‐hydroxylating oxygenases in the management of bioremediation and biocatalysis of aromatic compounds
J Chakraborty, T Jana, S Saha, TK Dutta
Environmental microbiology reports 6 (5), 519-523, 2014
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