Martin Čertner
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Widespread co-occurrence of multiple ploidy levels in fragile ferns (Cystopteris fragilis complex; Cystopteridaceae) probably stems from similar ecology of cytotypes …
K Hanušová, M Čertner, T Urfus, P Koutecký, J Košnar, CJ Rothfels, ...
Annals of botany 123 (5), 845-855, 2019
Ploidy‐altered phenotype interacts with local environment and may enhance polyploid establishment in Knautia serpentinicola (Caprifoliaceae)
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Diversity in genome size and GC content shows adaptive potential in orchids and is closely linked to partial endoreplication, plant life‐history traits and climatic conditions
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Climatic conditions and human activities shape diploid–tetraploid coexistence at different spatial scales in the common weed Tripleurospermum inodorum (Asteraceae)
M Čertner, P Kúr, F Kolář, J Suda
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Microevolutionary processes in mixed-ploidy populations of plants
M Čertner
Univerzita Karlova, Přírodovědecká fakulta, 2018
Lilek zobanitý (Solanum cornutum Lamarck) – nový zavlečený druh květeny východních Čech
M Hanzl
Acta Musei Reginaehradecensis s. A., sc. nat. 33, 71-73, 2011
Biosystematika: I. Polyploidní speciace
M Čertner
Biosystematika: II. Evoluce polyploidů
M Čertner
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