Tomasz Dietl
Tomasz Dietl
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Zener model description of ferromagnetism in zinc-blende magnetic semiconductors
T Dietl, H Ohno, F Matsukura, J Cibert, D Ferrand
science 287 (5455), 1019-1022, 2000
Electric-field control of ferromagnetism
H Ohno, D Chiba, F Matsukura, T Omiya, E Abe, T Dietl, Y Ohno, K Ohtani
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T Dietl, H Ohno, F Matsukura
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A ten-year perspective on dilute magnetic semiconductors and oxides
T Dietl
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Dilute ferromagnetic semiconductors: Physics and spintronic structures
T Dietl, H Ohno
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Ferromagnetic semiconductors
T Dietl
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Mn Interstitial Diffusion in
KW Edmonds, P Bogusławski, KY Wang, RP Campion, SN Novikov, ...
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Free carrier-induced ferromagnetism in structures of diluted magnetic semiconductors
T Dietl, A Haury, YM d'Aubigné
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Observation of a ferromagnetic transition induced by two-dimensional hole gas in modulation-doped CdMnTe quantum wells
A Haury, A Wasiela, A Arnoult, J Cibert, S Tatarenko, T Dietl, ...
Physical Review Letters 79 (3), 511, 1997
Science https://doi. org/10.1126/science. 287.5455. 1019 287, 1019 (2000)
T Dietl, H Ohno, F Matsukura, J Cibert, D Ferrand
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S Kuroda, N Nishizawa, K Takita, M Mitome, Y Bando, K Osuch, T Dietl
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Carrier-induced ferromagnetism in
D Ferrand, J Cibert, A Wasiela, C Bourgognon, S Tatarenko, G Fishman, ...
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M Yamanouchi, D Chiba, F Matsukura, T Dietl, H Ohno
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Effect of fluctuations of magnetization on the bound magnetic polaron: Comparison with experiment
T Dietl, J Spałek
Physical Review Letters 48 (5), 355, 1982
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M Sawicki, D Chiba, A Korbecka, Y Nishitani, JA Majewski, F Matsukura, ...
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Functional ferromagnets
T Dietl
Nature Materials 2 (10), 646-648, 2003
Effect of thermodynamic fluctuations of magnetization on the bound magnetic polaron in dilute magnetic semiconductors
T Dietl, J Spałek
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Light and electric field control of ferromagnetism in magnetic quantum structures
H Boukari, P Kossacki, M Bertolini, D Ferrand, J Cibert, S Tatarenko, ...
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Influence of s-d exchange interaction on the conductivity of Cd 1− x Mn x Se: In in the weakly localized regime
M Sawicki, T Dietl, J Kossut, J Igalson, T Wojtowicz, W Plesiewicz
Physical review letters 56 (5), 508, 1986
In-plane uniaxial anisotropy rotations in (Ga, Mn) As thin films
M Sawicki, KY Wang, KW Edmonds, RP Campion, CR Staddon, ...
Physical Review B 71 (12), 121302, 2005
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