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Manoochehr Khazaee
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Accumulation of heavy metals and As in liver, hair, femur, and lung of Persian jird (Meriones persicus) in Darreh Zereshk copper mine, Iran
M Khazaee, AH Hamidian, A Alizadeh Shabani, S Ashrafi, SAA Mirjalili, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23, 3860-3870, 2016
Perfluoroalkyl Acid Binding with Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors α, γ, and δ, and Fatty Acid Binding Proteins by Equilibrium Dialysis with a Comparison of Methods
M Khazaee, E Christie, W Cheng, M Michalsen, J Field, C Ng
Toxics 9 (3), 45, 2021
Evaluating parameter availability for physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in zebrafish
M Khazaee, CA Ng
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 20 (1), 105-119, 2018
Study on age-related bioaccumulation of some heavy metals in the soft tissue of rock oyster (Saccostrea cucullata) from Laft Port – Qeshm Island, Iran
S Alavian Petroody, A Hamidian, S Ashrafi, S Eagderi, K M
Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences 16 (3), 897-906, 2017
Impacts of sex and exposure duration on gene expression in zebrafish following perfluorooctane sulfonate exposure
M Khazaee, MGE Guardian, DS Aga, CA Ng
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 39 (2), 437-449, 2020
A study on waste management in hospitals affiliated to Tabriz University of Medical Sciences during 2010-2011
M Taheri, AH Hamidiyan, M Khazaei
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences 23 (105), 111-115, 2013
Investigation of body size effect on bioaccumulation pattern of Cd, Pb and Ni in the soft tissue of rock oyster Saccostrea cucullata from Laft Port
A Petroody, S Ashrafi, S Eagderi, M Khazaee
Journal of the Persian Gulf 4 (14), 39-45, 2013
Assessment of medical waste management in Karaj hospitals, Iran
M Khazaee, AH Hamidian, M Taheri, T Babakan, A Mashoof, A Khazaee
Inter Res J App Basic Sci 9 (10), 1750-57, 2015
Assessment of Hospital Disaster Preparedness in the City of Birjand, Iran, in 2011
V Kardanmoghadam, BBN Moasheri, M Khazaee, H Kardan Moghaddam, ...
Journal of Management And Medical Informatics School 2 (1), 10-19, 2014
Assessing the performance of a hydrological tank model at various spatial scales
MS Goodarzi, BJ Amiri, H Azarneyvand, M Khazaee, N Mahdianzadeh
J. Water Manag. Modeling 28, 1-8, 2020
Investigation of heavy metals concentrations in different tissues of Persian jird as bioindicator species in Darreh Zereshk, Yazd
Iranian Journal of Applied Ecology 3 (10), 3, 2015
Assessmentof metal concentrations in different tissues of Persian jird by using statistical method of Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
AH Hamidian, M Khazaee, A Alizadeh Shaabani, S Ashrafi, SAA Mirjalili, ...
Veterinary Research & Biological Products 28 (4), 10-17, 2015
Study of Hospital Waste Management in Hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences during the Years 2012- 2013
M Khazaee, R Dehnavieh, S Nuri Hekmat, A Khazaee, Z Soltani, ...
Journal of Health_Based Research 1 (1), 35-44, 2015
Bioaccumulation and Bio-concentration of cadmium and arsenic in the organs of endemic fish toothed carp (Aphanius sophiae)
A Masoumeh, HH Amir, E Soheil, K Manoochehr, M Borha, A Sohrab
Standard Scientific Research and Essays 2 (4), 210-215, 2014
Assessment of 26 elements in hair and internal tissues of Persian jird (Meriones persicus) in Darreh Zereshk copper mine, Iran
M Khazaee, AH Hamidian, SAA Mirjalili, S Ashrafi, A Khazaee
International Journal of Environmental Studies 79 (5), 883-900, 2022
Molecular Design of Effective and Versatile Adsorbents for Ex Situ Treatment of AFFF-Impacted Groundwater
C Ng, M Khazaee, J Field, E Christie, M Michalsen, ...
Tech. Rep. ER-181417 US Army Engineer Research Development Center, 2019
Results of a Hospital Waste Survey in Tabriz Hospitals
M Taheri, AH Hamidian, M Khazaee, AK Badri, SK Badri, A Khazaee
The Journal of Middle East and North Africa Sciences, 70, 2016
Comparative Study of Cadmiumand Arsenic Accumulation in Toothed Carp (Aphanius sophiae) in Fresh and Salt Water
M Ariyaee, AH Hamidian, S Eagderi, S Ashrafi, M Khazaee
Iranian Journal of Toxicology 9 (30), 1342-1346, 2015
Investigating the Impacts of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Onbiological Systems by Complementary in Vivo, in Vitro, and in Silico Approaches
M Khazaee
University of Pittsburgh, 2022
Exploring the Potential Roles of Emerging PFAS on the Gut Microbiome and Its Associated Functions With Gut Homeostasis and Lipid Metabolism
M Khazaee, J Kuhn, S Haig, C Ng
SETAC SciCon2: SETAC North America 41st Annual Meeting, 2020
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