Katy Evans
Katy Evans
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Role of CO2 in the formation of gold deposits
GN Phillips, KA Evans
Nature 429 (6994), 860-863, 2004
The redox budget of subduction zones
KA Evans
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Oxidation state of subarc mantle
KA Evans, MA Elburg, VS Kamenetsky
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Organic geochemistry and mineralogy. I. Characterisation of organic matter associated with metal deposits
PF Greenwood, JJ Brocks, K Grice, L Schwark, CMB Jaraula, JM Dick, ...
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Rock-buffering of auriferous fluids in altered rocks associated with the Golden Mile-style mineralization, Kalgoorlie gold field, Western Australia
KA Evans, GN Phillips, R Powell
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Ore-forming processes of the Daqiao epizonal orogenic gold deposit, West Qinling orogen, China: Constraints from textures, trace elements, and sulfur isotopes of pyrite and …
YF Wu, JW Li, K Evans, AE Koenig, ZK Li, H O’Brien, Y Lahaye, K Rempel, ...
Economic Geology 113 (5), 1093-1132, 2018
Gold, arsenic, and copper zoning in pyrite: A record of fluid chemistry and growth kinetics
YF Wu, D Fougerouse, K Evans, SM Reddy, DW Saxey, P Guagliardo, ...
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Relationship among titanium, rare earth elements, U–Pb ages and deformation microstructures in zircon: Implications for Ti-in-zircon thermometry
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AG Tomkins, KA Evans
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KA Evans, AG Tomkins, J Cliff, ML Fiorentini
Chemical Geology 365, 1-19, 2014
Metal remobilization and ore-fluid perturbation during episodic replacement of auriferous pyrite from an epizonal orogenic gold deposit
YF Wu, K Evans, JW Li, D Fougerouse, RR Large, P Guagliardo
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Ti site occupancy in zircon
ND Tailby, AM Walker, AJ Berry, J Hermann, KA Evans, JA Mavrogenes, ...
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Using equilibrium thermodynamics in the study of metasomatic alteration, illustrated by an application to serpentinites
KA Evans, R Powell, BR Frost
Lithos 168, 67-84, 2013
A new geochronological framework for mineralization and alteration in the Selwyn-Mount Dore corridor, Eastern fold belt, Mount Isa inlier, Australia: Genetic implications for …
RJ Duncan, HJ Stein, KA Evans, MW Hitzman, EP Nelson, DJ Kirwin
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Effects of geodynamic setting on the redox state of fluids released by subducted mantle lithosphere
KA Evans, SM Reddy, AG Tomkins, RJ Crossley, BR Frost
Lithos 278, 26-42, 2017
Raman characterization of carbonaceous material in the Macraes orogenic gold deposit and metasedimentary host rocks, New Zealand
S Hu, K Evans, D Craw, K Rempel, J Bourdet, J Dick, K Grice
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An activity model for phase equilibria in the H2O–CO2–NaCl system
B Dubacq, MJ Bickle, KA Evans
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 110, 229-252, 2013
Redox decoupling and redox budgets: Conceptual tools for the study of earth systems
KA Evans
Geology 34 (6), 489-492, 2006
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