Yu Sun / 孙瑜
Yu Sun / 孙瑜
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Negative Poisson's ratio in rippled graphene
H Qin, Y Sun, JZ Liu, M Li, Y Liu
Nanoscale 9 (12), 4135-4142, 2017
Mechanical properties of wrinkled graphene generated by topological defects
H Qin, Y Sun, JZ Liu, Y Liu
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Effects of morphology, tension and vibration on wettability of graphene: a molecular dynamics study
C Huang, F Xu, Y Sun
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Large scale water entry simulation with smoothed particle hydrodynamics on single-and multi-GPU systems
Z Ji, F Xu, A Takahashi, Y Sun
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Micromechanism of oxygen transport during initial stage oxidation in Si (100) surface: A ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulation study
Y Sun, Y Liu, X Chen, Z Zhai, F Xu, Y Liu
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Molecular dynamics simulation of crack growth in pure titanium under uniaxial tension
B Zhang, L Zhou, Y Sun, W He, Y Chen
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Unsupervised Machine Anomaly Detection Using Autoencoder and Temporal Convolutional Network
Z Li, Y Sun, L Yang, Z Zhao, X Chen
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ReaxFF molecular dynamics study on oxidation behavior of 3C-SiC: Polar face effects
S Y, L Yijun, X F
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Saddle‐shape warpage of thick 3C‐SiC wafer: Effect of nonuniform intrinsic stress and stacking faults
Y Sun, S Izumi, S Sakai, K Yagi, H Nagasawa
physica status solidi (b) 249 (3), 555-559, 2012
Core element effects on dislocation nucleation in 3C–SiC: Reaction pathway analysis
Y Sun, S Izumi, S Sakai, K Yagi, H Nagasawa
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Finite-volume homogenization and localization of nanoporous materials with cylindrical voids. Part 2: new result
Q Chen, Y Sun, G Wang, MJ Pindera
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Wave propagation of laminated composite plates via GPU-based wavelet finite element method
H Zuo, Z Yang, Y Sun, C Xu, X Chen
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Effect of oxidation on crack propagation of Si nanofilm: A ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulation study
Y Sun, Z Zhai, S Tian, X Chen
Applied Surface Science 480, 1100-1108, 2019
Initial stage oxidation on nano-trenched Si (1 0 0) surface
Y Sun, YL Liu, S Izumi, XF Chen, Z Zhai, SH Tian
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Effects of twist twin boundary and stacking fault on crack propagation of nanocrystal Al
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Multiscale modeling of unidirectional composites with interfacial debonding using molecular dynamics and micromechanics
D Yang, Y Sun, Z Yang, X Chen, C Wang
Composites Part B: Engineering 219, 108893, 2021
Bioinspired Hierarchical Structure for an Ultrawide-Range Multifunctional Flexible Sensor Using Porous Expandable Polyethylene/Loofah-Like Polyurethane Sponge Material
Z Zhao, Q Guo, Y Sun, N An, P Hui, L Yang, X Chen
Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2022
A review of the damage detection and health mointoring for composite structures
X Chen, Z Yang, S Tian, Y Sun, R Sun, H Zuo, C Xu
J. Vib. Meas. Diagn 38, 1-10, 2018
Analytical modeling and mechanism analysis of time-varying excitation for surface defects in rolling element bearings
L Yang, Y Sun, R Sun, L Gao, X Chen
Journal of Dynamics, Monitoring and Diagnostics, 89-101, 2023
陈雪峰, 杨志勃, 田绍华, 孙瑜, 孙若斌, 左浩, 许才彬
振动, 测试与诊断 38 (1), 1-10, 2018
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