Stefano Curcio
Stefano Curcio
Full Professor, University of Calabria
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Remediation of textile effluents by membrane based treatment techniques: a state of the art review
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S Curcio, M Aversa
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Response surface-optimized removal of Reactive Red 120 dye from its aqueous solutions using polyethyleneimine enhanced ultrafiltration
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Techno-economic assessment of the sustainability of an integrated biorefinery from microalgae and Jatropha: a review and case study
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S Chakraborty, H Rusli, A Nath, J Sikder, C Bhattacharjee, S Curcio, ...
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Factor analysis of transesterification reaction of waste oil for biodiesel production
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A hybrid neural approach to model batch fermentation of “ricotta cheese whey” to ethanol
A Saraceno, S Curcio, V Calabrò, G Iorio
Computers & Chemical Engineering 34 (10), 1590-1596, 2010
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