Valbone Memeti
Valbone Memeti
University of Southern California
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Diabetes self-management education and support in type 2 diabetes: a joint position statement of the American Diabetes Association, the American Association of Diabetes …
MA Powers, J Bardsley, M Cypress, P Duker, MM Funnell, AH Fischl, ...
The Diabetes Educator 43 (1), 40-53, 2017
Fine mapping of quantitative trait loci using selected overlapping recombinant chromosomes, in an interspecies cross of tomato.
AH Paterson, JW DeVerna, B Lanini, SD Tanksley
Genetics 124 (3), 735-742, 1990
Magma addition and flux calculations of incrementally constructed magma chambers in continental margin arcs: Combined field, geochronologic, and thermal modeling studies
SR Paterson, D Okaya, V Memeti, R Economos, RB Miller
Geosphere 7 (6), 1439-1468, 2011
Magmatic lobes as “snapshots” of magma chamber growth and evolution in large, composite batholiths: An example from the Tuolumne intrusion, Sierra Nevada, California
V Memeti, S Paterson, J Matzel, R Mundil, D Okaya
Bulletin 122 (11-12), 1912-1931, 2010
Four magmatic fabrics in the Tuolumne batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California (USA): Implications for interpreting fabric patterns in plutons and evolution of magma …
J Žák, SR Paterson, V Memeti
Geological Society of America Bulletin 119 (1-2), 184-201, 2007
Tracking paleodeformation fields in the Mesozoic central Sierra Nevada arc: Implications for intra-arc cyclic deformation and arc tempos
W Cao, S Paterson, V Memeti, R Mundil, JL Anderson, K Schmidt
Lithosphere 7 (3), 296-320, 2015
Repeated, multiscale, magmatic erosion and recycling in an upper-crustal pluton: Implications for magma chamber dynamics and magma volume estimates
S Paterson, V Memeti, R Mundil, J Žák
American Mineralogist 101 (10), 2176-2198, 2016
Effect of frusemide on cough responses to chloride-deficient solution in normal and mild asthmatic subjects
RA Stone, PJ Barnes, KF Chung
European Respiratory Journal 6 (6), 862-867, 1993
Evaluating the Mojave–Snow Lake fault hypothesis and origins of central Sierran metasedimentary pendant strata using detrital zircon provenance analyses
V Memeti, GE Gehrels, SR Paterson, JM Thompson, RM Mueller, ...
Lithosphere 2 (5), 341-360, 2010
Is stoping a volumetrically significant pluton emplacement process?: Discussion
SR Paterson, GS Pignotta, D Farris, V Memeti, RB Miller, RH Vernon, ...
Geological Society of America Bulletin 120 (7-8), 1075-1079, 2008
Annual risk of tuberculosis infection in rural China: a population-based prospective study
L Gao, L Bai, J Liu, W Lu, X Wang, X Li, J Du, X Chen, H Zhang, H Xin, ...
European Respiratory Journal 48 (1), 168-178, 2016
Mesozoic magmatism in an upper-to middle-crustal section through the Cordilleran continental margin arc, eastern Transverse Ranges, California
SK Needy, JL Anderson, JL Wooden, RJ Fleck, AP Barth, SR Paterson, ...
Crustal cross sections from the western North American Cordillera and …, 2009
Day 4: magmatic evolution of the tuolumne intrusive complex
V Memeti, S Paterson, R Mundil, SR Paterson, KD Putirka
Formation of the Sierra Nevada Batholith: Magmatic and tectonic processes …, 2014
Deciphering magmatic processes in calc-alkaline plutons using trace element zoning in hornblende
CG Barnes, V Memeti, N Coint
American Mineralogist 101 (2), 328-342, 2016
Causes of compositional diversity in a lobe of the Half Dome granodiorite, Tuolumne Batholith, Central Sierra Nevada, California
RC Economos, V Memeti, SR Paterson, JS Miller, S Erdmann, J Žák
Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of …, 2009
Incremental growth of an upper crustal, A-type pluton, Argentina: Evidence of a re-used magma pathway
PH Alasino, MA Larrovere, S Rocher, JA Dahlquist, MAS Basei, V Memeti, ...
Lithos 284, 347-366, 2017
Day 6: Overview of arc processes and tempos
SR Paterson, V Memeti, L Anderson, W Cao, JS Lackey, KD Putirka, ...
Formation of the Sierra Nevada Batholith: Magmatic and Tectonic Processes …, 2014
Spatiotemporal magmatic focusing in upper-mid crustal plutons of the Sierra Nevada arc
K Ardill, S Paterson, V Memeti
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 498, 88-100, 2018
Mantle driven cretaceous flare-ups in Cordilleran arcs
AMM Ardila, SR Paterson, V Memeti, MA Parada, PG Molina
Lithos 326, 19-27, 2019
Mineral fabrics in high-level intrusions recording crustal strain and volcano–tectonic interactions: the Shellenbarger pluton, Sierra Nevada, California
F Tomek, J Žák, K Verner, FV Holub, J Sláma, SR Paterson, V Memeti
Journal of the Geological Society 174 (2), 193-208, 2017
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