Teresa Burke
Teresa Burke
Dublin City University, School of Psychology
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Topographical disorientation following unilateral temporal lobe lesions in humans
EA Maguire, T Burke, J Phillips, H Staunton
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Microdysgenesis in resected temporal neocortex: incidence and clinical significance in focal epilepsy
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Age, gender and IQ effects on the Rey‐Osterrieth complex figure test
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The economic cost of nonepileptic attack disorder in Ireland
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Marrying past and present neuropsychology: Is the future of the process-based approach technology-based?
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Health locus of control and attributions of cause and blame in adjustment to spinal cord injury
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Letter and category fluency in Alzheimer's disease: a prognostic indicator of progression?
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Change in PASAT performance correlates with change in P3 ERP amplitude over a 12-month period in multiple sclerosis patients
H Kiiski, RB Reilly, R Lonergan, S Kelly, M O'Brien, K Kinsella, ...
Journal of the neurological sciences 305 (1-2), 45-52, 2011
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