Jiří Žák
Jiří Žák
Professor, Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague
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Tectonic evolution of a continental magmatic arc from transpression in the upper crust to exhumation of mid-crustal orogenic root recorded by episodically emplaced plutons: the …
J Žák, FV Holub, K Verner
International Journal of Earth Sciences 94 (3), 385-400, 2005
Characteristics of internal contacts in the Tuolumne Batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California (USA): Implications for episodic emplacement and physical processes in a …
J Žák, SR Paterson
Geological Society of America Bulletin 117 (9-10), 1242-1255, 2005
Four magmatic fabrics in the Tuolumne batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California (USA): Implications for interpreting fabric patterns in plutons and evolution of magma …
J Žák, SR Paterson, V Memeti
Geological Society of America Bulletin 119 (1-2), 184-201, 2007
A plate-kinematic model for the assembly of the Bohemian Massif constrained by structural relationships around granitoid plutons
J Žák, K Verner, V Janoušek, FV Holub, V Kachlík, F Finger, J Hajná, ...
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 405 (1), 169-196, 2014
Multiple magmatic fabrics in the Sázava pluton (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic): a result of superposition of wrench-dominated regional transpression on final emplacement
J Žák, K Schulmann, F Hrouda
Journal of Structural Geology 27 (5), 805-822, 2005
Dating the onset of Variscan crustal exhumation in the core of the Bohemian Massif: new U–Pb single zircon ages from the high-K calc-alkaline granodiorites of the Blatná suite …
V Janoušek, BA Wiegand, J Žák
Journal of the Geological Society 167 (2), 347-360, 2010
The generation of voluminous S-type granites in the Moldanubian unit, Bohemian Massif, by rapid isothermal exhumation of the metapelitic middle crust
J Žák, K Verner, F Finger, SW Faryad, M Chlupáčová, F Veselovský
Lithos 121 (1-4), 25-40, 2011
Magmatic structures in the Krkonoše–Jizera Plutonic Complex, Bohemian Massif: evidence for localized multiphase flow and small-scale thermal–mechanical instabilities in a …
J Žák, J Klomínský
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 164 (4), 254-267, 2007
Magmatic fabrics and emplacement of the cone-sheet-bearing Knížecí Stolec durbachitic pluton (Moldanubian Unit, Bohemian Massif): implications for mid-crustal reworking of …
K Verner, J Žák, R Nahodilová, FV Holub
International Journal of Earth Sciences 97 (1), 19-33, 2008
Multistage magma emplacement and progressive strain accumulation in the shallow‐level Krkonoše‐Jizera plutonic complex, Bohemian Massif
J Žák, K Verner, J Sláma, V Kachlík, M Chlupáčová
Tectonics 32 (5), 1493-1512, 2013
Structure and stratigraphy of the Teplá–Barrandian Neoproterozoic, Bohemian Massif: a new plate-tectonic reinterpretation
J Hajná, J Žák, V Kachlík
Gondwana Research 19 (2), 495-508, 2011
Growth of complex sheeted zones during recycling of older magmatic units into younger: Sawmill Canyon area, Tuolumne batholith, Sierra Nevada, California
SR Paterson, J Žák, V Janoušek
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 177 (2), 457-484, 2008
Time scales and mechanisms of growth of active margins of Gondwana: a model based on detrital zircon ages from the Neoproterozoic to Cambrian Blovice accretionary complex …
J Hajná, J Žák, W Dörr
Gondwana Research 42, 63-83, 2017
Repeated, multiscale, magmatic erosion and recycling in an upper-crustal pluton: Implications for magma chamber dynamics and magma volume estimates
S Paterson, V Memeti, R Mundil, J Žák
American Mineralogist 101 (10), 2176-2198, 2016
Structure, emplacement, and tectonic setting of Late Devonian granitoid plutons in the Teplá–Barrandian unit, Bohemian Massif
J Žák, Z Kratinová, J Trubač, V Janoušek, J Sláma, J Mrlina
International Journal of Earth Sciences 100 (7), 1477-1495, 2011
Subduction-driven shortening and differential exhumation in a Cadomian accretionary wedge: the Teplá–Barrandian unit, Bohemian Massif
J Hajná, J Žák, V Kachlík, M Chadima
Precambrian Research 176 (1-4), 27-45, 2010
Magnetic fabric of the Říčany granite, Bohemian Massif: A record of helical magma flow?
J Trubač, J Žák, M Chlupáčová, V Janoušek
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 181 (1-2), 25-34, 2009
Neoproterozoic to early Cambrian Franciscan-type mélanges in the Teplá–Barrandian unit, Bohemian Massif: Evidence of modern-style accretionary processes along the Cadomian …
J Hajná, J Žák, V Kachlík, W Dörr, A Gerdes
Precambrian Research 224, 653-670, 2013
Is stoping a volumetrically significant pluton emplacement process?: Discussion
SR Paterson, GS Pignotta, D Farris, V Memeti, RB Miller, RH Vernon, ...
Geological Society of America Bulletin 120 (7-8), 1075-1079, 2008
Magma emplacement during exhumation of the lower-to mid-crustal orogenic root: the Jihlava syenitoid pluton, Moldanubian Unit, Bohemian Massif
K Verner, J Žák, F Hrouda, FV Holub
Journal of Structural Geology 28 (8), 1553-1567, 2006
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