Tyler Hesser
Tyler Hesser
USACE, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
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Evaluation of video-based linear depth inversion performance and applications using altimeters and hydrographic surveys in a wide range of environmental conditions
KL Brodie, ML Palmsten, TJ Hesser, PJ Dickhudt, B Raubenheimer, ...
Coastal Engineering 136, 147-160, 2018
Large-scale hurricane modeling using domain decomposition parallelization and implicit scheme implemented in WAVEWATCH III wave model
A Abdolali, A Roland, A Van Der Westhuysen, J Meixner, A Chawla, ...
Coastal Engineering 157, 103656, 2020
Beach state recognition using argus imagery and convolutional neural networks
AN Ellenson, JA Simmons, GW Wilson, TJ Hesser, KD Splinter
Remote Sensing 12 (23), 3953, 2020
Evaluation statistics computed for the wave information studies (WIS)
MA Bryant, TJ Hesser, RE Jensen
Engineer Research and Development Center (US), 2016
Deep learning technique for fast inference of large-scale riverine bathymetry
H Ghorbanidehno, J Lee, M Farthing, T Hesser, EF Darve, PK Kitanidis
Advances in Water Resources 147, 103715, 2021
Riverine bathymetry imaging with indirect observations
J Lee, H Ghorbanidehno, MW Farthing, TJ Hesser, EF Darve, PK Kitanidis
Water Resources Research 54 (5), 3704-3727, 2018
Application of deep learning to large scale riverine flow velocity estimation
M Forghani, Y Qian, J Lee, MW Farthing, T Hesser, PK Kitanidis, EF Darve
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 35, 1069-1088, 2021
Bathymetric inversion and uncertainty estimation from synthetic surf-zone imagery with machine learning
AM Collins, KL Brodie, AS Bak, TJ Hesser, MW Farthing, J Lee, JW Long
Remote Sensing 12 (20), 3364, 2020
Field Laboratory for Ocean Sea State Investigation and Experimentation: FLOSSIE: Intra-measurement evaluation of 6N wave buoy systems
RE Jensen, VR Swail, RH Bouchard, RE Riley, TJ Hesser, M Blaseckie, ...
14th Int. Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting and Fifth Coastal …, 2015
Altimeter observations of tropical cyclone-generated sea states: Spatial analysis and operational hindcast evaluation
C Collins, T Hesser, P Rogowski, S Merrifield
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9 (2), 216, 2021
Regional wave modeling and evaluation for the North Atlantic coast comprehensive study
RE Jensen, A Cialone, JM Smith, MA Bryant, TJ Hesser
Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering 143 (2), B4016001, 2017
Performance assessments of hurricane wave hindcasts
P Rogowski, S Merrifield, C Collins, T Hesser, A Ho, R Bucciarelli, ...
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9 (7), 690, 2021
Novel data assimilation algorithm for nearshore bathymetry
H Ghorbanidehno, J Lee, M Farthing, T Hesser, PK Kitanidis, EF Darve
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 36 (4), 699-715, 2019
Applying dynamically updated nearshore bathymetry estimates to operational nearshore wave modeling
AS Bak, KL Brodie, TJ Hesser, JM Smith
Coastal Engineering 145, 53-64, 2019
Lake St. Clair: Storm wave and water level modeling
TJ Hesser, MA Cialone, ME Anderson
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Coastal and Hydraulics …, 2013
Two-and three-dimensional laboratory studies of wave breaking, dissipation, setup, and runup on reefs
ER Smith, TJ Hesser, JMK Smith
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (US), 2012
Development of a Fully Convolutional Neural Network to Derive Surf-Zone Bathymetry from Close-Range Imagery of Waves in Duck, NC
AM Collins, MP Geheran, TJ Hesser, AS Bak, KL Brodie, MW Farthing
Remote Sensing 13 (23), 4907, 2021
FRF wave test bed and bathymetry inversion
JMK Smith, S Bak, T Hesser, MA Bryant, C Massey
Coastal Engineering Proceedings, 22-22, 2017
Subtidal flow and its variability at the entrance to a subtropical lagoon
PL Murphy, AF Waterhouse, TJ Hesser, AM Penko, A Valle-Levinson
Continental Shelf Research 29 (20), 2318-2332, 2009
Variational encoder geostatistical analysis (VEGAS) with an application to large scale riverine bathymetry
M Forghani, Y Qian, J Lee, M Farthing, T Hesser, PK Kitanidis, EF Darve
Advances in Water Resources 170, 104323, 2022
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