Jeffrey Bolkhovsky
Jeffrey Bolkhovsky
Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory
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A novel time-varying spectral filtering algorithm for reconstruction of motion artifact corrupted heart rate signals during intense physical activities using a wearable …
SMA Salehizadeh, D Dao, J Bolkhovsky, C Cho, Y Mendelson, KH Chon
Sensors 16 (1), 10, 2015
Statistical analysis of heart rate and heart rate variability monitoring through the use of smart phone cameras
JB Bolkhovsky, CG Scully, KH Chon
2012 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2012
Brain activity correlates with cognitive performance deterioration during sleep deprivation
HF Posada-Quintero, N Reljin, JB Bolkhovsky, AD Orjuela-Cañón, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 13, 466358, 2019
Machine learning models for the identification of cognitive tasks using autonomic reactions from heart rate variability and electrodermal activity
HF Posada-Quintero, JB Bolkhovsky
Behavioral Sciences 9 (4), 45, 2019
Sleep deprivation in young and healthy subjects is more sensitively identified by higher frequencies of electrodermal activity than by skin conductance level evaluated in the …
HF Posada-Quintero, JB Bolkhovsky, N Reljin, KH Chon
Frontiers in Physiology 8, 244450, 2017
Human performance deterioration due to prolonged wakefulness can be accurately detected using time-varying spectral analysis of electrodermal activity
HF Posada-Quintero, JB Bolkhovsky, M Qin, KH Chon
Human Factors 60 (7), 1035-1047, 2018
Facial features and head movements obtained with a webcam correlate with performance deterioration during prolonged wakefulness
Y Kong, HF Posada-Quintero, MS Daley, KH Chon, J Bolkhovsky
Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 83, 525-540, 2021
Machine learning models for the classification of sleep deprivation induced performance impairment during a psychomotor vigilance task using indices of eye and face tracking
MS Daley, D Gever, HF Posada-Quintero, Y Kong, K Chon, JB Bolkhovsky
Frontiers in artificial intelligence 3, 17, 2020
Multi-Attribute Task Battery configuration to effectively assess pilot performance deterioration during prolonged wakefulness
Y Kong, HF Posada-Quintero, D Gever, L Bonacci, KH Chon, ...
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Performance trends during sleep deprivation on a tilt-based control task
JB Bolkhovsky, FE Ritter, KH Chon, M Qin
Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance 89 (7), 626-633, 2018
Cluster analysis for the separation of auditory scenes
MS Daley, LM Bonacci, DH Gever, K Diaz, JB Bolkhovsky
IEEE Access 9, 130959-130967, 2021
Archetypal physiological responses to prolonged wakefulness
MS Daley, K Diaz, HF Posada-Quintero, Y Kong, K Chon, JB Bolkhovsky
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 74, 103529, 2022
Wearables to detect independent variables, objective task performance, and metacognitive states
MS Daley, JB Bolkhovsky, R Markwald, T Dunn
Machine Learning with Applications 15, 100529, 2024
Factors Contributing to Facial Emotion Recognition Ability
M Wise, K Diaz, S Guillory, J Bolkhovsky, C Peltier
Journal of Vision 22 (14), 4325-4325, 2022
The Low Prevalence Effect During Visual Search of Randomly-Directed Dynamic Stimuli
K Diaz, M Wise, S Guillory, J Bolkhovsky, C Peltier
Journal of Vision 22 (14), 4138-4138, 2022
A Cognitive Test Battery as a Performance Predictor of a Complex Task Requiring Sustained Attention: A Pilot Study
C Peltier, S Guillory, J Bolkhovsky, D Gever, M Wise, K Diaz, ...
An Initial Description of Capabilities and Constraints for a Computational Auditory System (an Artificial Ear) for Cognitive Architectures
FE Ritter, M Brener
arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.05332, 2022
Target Detection Vulnerability to Low Target Prevalence Across Display Type and Speed
K Diaz, M Wise, J Bolkhovsky, S Guillory, LTC Peltier
Journal of Vision 21 (9), 2157-2157, 2021
Assessment of Perceived Task Difficulty Across Multiple Search Conditions
M Wise, K Diaz, S Guillory, C Peltier, J Bolkhovsky
Journal of Vision 21 (9), 2163-2163, 2021
Machine-Learning-Based Closed-Set Text-Independent Speaker Identification Using Speech Recorded During 25 Hours of Prolonged Wakefulness
Y Kong, HF Posada-Quintero, MS Daley, J Bolkhovsky, KH Chon
IEEE Access 9, 96890-96897, 2021
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