Miroslav Kolibal
Miroslav Kolibal
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Guided assembly of gold colloidal nanoparticles on silicon substrates prepatterned by charged particle beams
M Kolíbal, M Konecny, F Ligmajer, D Skoda, T Vystavěl, J Zlamal, ...
ACS nano 6 (11), 10098-10106, 2012
Low energy focused ion beam milling of silicon and germanium nanostructures
M Kolíbal, T Matlocha, T Vystavěl, T Šikola
Nanotechnology 22 (10), 105304, 2011
Electron beam directed etching of hexagonal boron nitride
C Elbadawi
Nanoscale 8 (36), 16182-16186, 2017
Gallium structure on the Si (111)-(7× 7) surface: influence of Ga coverage and temperature
J Čechal, M Kolibal, P Kostelnik, T Šikola
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 19 (1), 016011, 2006
Real-time observation of collector droplet oscillations during growth of straight nanowires
M Kolíbal, T Vystavěl, P Varga, T Šikola
Nano letters 14 (4), 1756-1761, 2014
In-situ observation of <110> oriented Ge nanowire growth and associated collector droplet behavior
M Kolíbal, T Vystavěl, L Novák, J Mach, T Šikola
Applied Physics Letters 99 (14), 143113, 2011
Controlled faceting in< 110> germanium nanowire growth by switching between vapor-liquid-solid and vapor-solid-solid growth
M Kolíbal, R Kalousek, T Vystavěl, L Novák, T Šikola
Applied Physics Letters 100 (20), 203102, 2012
The synergic effect of atomic hydrogen adsorption and catalyst spreading on Ge nanowire growth orientation and kinking
M Kolíbal, T Pejchal, T Vystavěl, T Šikola
Nano letters 16 (8), 4880-4886, 2016
Self-limiting cyclic growth of gallium droplets on Si (111)
M Kolíbal, T Čechal, E Brandejsová, J Čechal, T Šikola
Nanotechnology 19 (47), 475606, 2008
Selective growth of Co islands on ion beam induced nucleation centers in a native film
J Čechal, O Tomanec, D Škoda, K Koňáková, T Hrnčíř, J Mach, M Kolíbal, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (8), 084314, 2009
Quantitative analysis of ultra thin layer growth by time-of-flight low energy ion scattering
D Primetzhofer, SN Markin, P Zeppenfeld, P Bauer, S Prusa, M Kolibal, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (1), 011929, 2008
Formation of copper islands on a native SiO2 surface at elevated temperatures
J Čechal, J Polčák, M Kolíbal, P Bábor, T Šikola
Applied surface science 256 (11), 3636-3641, 2010
Stability of hydrogen-terminated vicinal Si (1 1 1) surface under ambient atmosphere
M Kolíbal, J Čechal, M Bartošík, J Mach, T Šikola
Applied surface science 256 (11), 3423-3426, 2010
Deposition and in-situ characterization of ultra-thin films
S Voborný, M Kolı́bal, J Mach, J Čechal, P Bábor, S Průša, J Spousta, ...
Thin solid films 459 (1-2), 17-22, 2004
Characterization of oxidized gallium droplets on silicon surface: An ellipsoidal droplet shape model for angle resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis
J Čechal, T Matlocha, J Polčák, M Kolíbal, O Tomanec, R Kalousek, ...
Thin Solid Films 517 (6), 1928-1934, 2009
Selective growth of metallic nanostructures on surfaces patterned by AFM local anodic oxidation
M Bartošík, M Kolíbal, J Čechal, J Mach, T Šikola
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 9 (10), 5887-5890, 2009
High-resolution characterization of hexagonal boron nitride coatings exposed to aqueous and air oxidative environments
L Jiang, N Xiao, B Wang, E Grustan-Gutierrez, X Jing, P Babor, M Kolíbal, ...
Nano Research 10 (6), 2046-2055, 2017
In situ analysis of Ga-ultrathin films by TOF-LEIS
M Kolibal, S Průša, M Plojhar, P Bábor, M Potoček, O Tomanec, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2006
An ultra-low energy (30–200 eV) ion-atomic beam source for ion-beam-assisted deposition in ultrahigh vacuum
J Mach, T Šamořil, S Voborný, M Kolíbal, J Zlámal, J Spousta, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 82 (8), 083302, 2011
TOF–LEIS analysis of ultra thin films: Ga and Ga-N layer growth on Si (1 1 1)
M Kolı́bal, S Průša, P Bábor, T Šikola
Surface science 566, 885-889, 2004
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