Kadem Meral
Kadem Meral
Atatürk Univ., Chemistry Dept.- Erzurum, Turkey
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Liquid nitrogen-assisted synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots from Blueberry and their performance in Fe3+ detection
AM Aslandaş, N Balcı, M Arık, H Şakiroğlu, Y Onganer, K Meral
Applied Surface Science 356, 747-752, 2015
A new route for the synthesis of graphene oxide–Fe3O4 (GO–Fe3O4) nanocomposites and their Schottky diode applications
Ö Metin, Ş Aydoğan, K Meral
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 585, 681-688, 2014
An unusual “off-on” fluorescence sensor for iron (III) detection based on fluorescein–reduced graphene oxide functionalized with polyethyleneimine
AM Şenol, Y Onganer, K Meral
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 239, 343-351, 2017
Graphene oxide sheets as a template for dye assembly: graphene oxide sheets induce H-aggregates of pyronin (Y) dye
M Şinoforoğlu, B Gür, M Arık, Y Onganer, K Meral
RSC advances 3 (29), 11832-11838, 2013
Space charge limited current mechanism (SCLC) in the graphene oxide–Fe3O4 nanocomposites/n-Si heterojunctions
Z Çaldıran, M Şinoforoğlu, Ö Metin, Ş Aydoğan, K Meral
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 631, 261-265, 2015
Rhodamine 101–graphene oxide composites in aqueous solution: the fluorescence quenching process of rhodamine 101
E Bozkurt, M Acar, Y Onganer, K Meral
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (34), 18276-18281, 2014
Novel phenomena for aggregation induced emission enhancement: highly fluorescent hydrophobic TPE-BODIPY couples in both organic and aqueous media
M Baglan, S Ozturk, B Gür, K Meral, U Bozkaya, OA Bozdemir, S Atılgan
RSC advances 3 (36), 15866-15874, 2013
From Dark to Light to Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET): Polarity‐Sensitive Aggregation‐Induced Emission (AIE)‐Active Tetraphenylethene‐Fused BODIPY Dyes with a …
E Şen, K Meral, S Atılgan
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (2), 736-745, 2016
Graphene oxide--magnetite nanocomposite as an efficient and magnetically separable adsorbent for methylene blue removal from aqueous solution
K Meral, Ö Metin
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 38 (5), 775-782, 2014
Oxygen deficiency effects on recombination lifetime and photoluminescence characteristics of ZnO thin films; correlation with crystal structure
E Gür, S Tüzemen, K Meral, Y Onganer
Applied Physics A 94, 549-554, 2009
Photophysical properties of pyronin dyes in reverse micelles of AOT
T Bayraktutan, K Meral, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 145, 925-929, 2014
The molecular aggregation of pyronin Y in natural bentonite clay suspension
K Meral, N Yılmaz, M Kaya, A Tabak, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 131 (10), 2121-2127, 2011
Hydrogel templated CdS quantum dots synthesis and their characterization
N Sahiner, K Sel, K Meral, Y Onganer, S Butun, O Ozay, C Silan
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 389 (1-3), 6-11, 2011
UV-visible detector and LED based n-ZnO/p-Si heterojunction formed by electrodeposition
A Baltakesmez, S Tekmen, P Köç, S Tüzemen, K Meral, Y Onganer
AIP Advances 3 (3), 2013
The electrical characteristics of the Fe3O4/Si junctions
Z Çaldıran, AR Deniz, Y Şahin, Ö Metin, K Meral, Ş Aydoğan
Journal of alloys and compounds 552, 437-442, 2013
A spectroscopic study of water-soluble pyronin B and pyronin Y in Langmuir–Blodgett films mixed with stearic acid
K Meral, HY Erbil, Y Onganer
Applied surface science 258 (4), 1605-1612, 2011
The investigation of the electrical properties of Fe3O4/n-Si heterojunctions in a wide temperature range
AR Deniz, Z Çaldıran, Ö Metin, K Meral, Ş Aydoğan
Journal of colloid and interface science 473, 172-181, 2016
Effect of surfactants on the aggregation of pyronin B and pyronin Y in aqueous solution
M Arık, K Meral, Y Onganer
Journal of luminescence 129 (6), 599-604, 2009
Optical and structural properties of ZnO thin films; effects of high energy electron irradiation and annealing
E Gür, H Asıl, C Coşkun, S Tüzemen, K Meral, Y Onganer, K Şerifoğlu
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2008
Promotion by phosphate of Fe (III)-and Cu (II)-catalyzed autoxidation of fructose
GD Lawrence, A Mavi, K Meral
Carbohydrate Research 343 (4), 626-635, 2008
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