Xifeng Ren
Xifeng Ren
Key laboratory of quantum information, USTC
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Second harmonic generation in nano-structured thin-film lithium niobate waveguides
C Wang, X Xiong, N Andrade, V Venkataraman, XF Ren, GC Guo, ...
Optics express 25 (6), 6963-6973, 2017
Experimental teleportation of a quantum controlled-NOT gate
YF Huang, XF Ren, YS Zhang, LM Duan, GC Guo
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Metalens-array–based high-dimensional and multiphoton quantum source
L Li, Z Liu, X Ren, S Wang, VC Su, MK Chen, CH Chu, HY Kuo, B Liu, ...
Science 368 (6498), 1487-1490, 2020
Ordering of disordered nanowires: spontaneous formation of highly aligned, ultralong Ag nanowire films at oil–water–air interface
HY Shi, B Hu, XC Yu, RL Zhao, XF Ren, SL Liu, JW Liu, M Feng, AW Xu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (6), 958-964, 2010
Metasurface-assisted phase-matching-free second harmonic generation in lithium niobate waveguides
C Wang, Z Li, MH Kim, X Xiong, XF Ren, GC Guo, N Yu, M Lončar
Nature Communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
Quantum plasmonics: new opportunity in fundamental and applied photonics
D Xu, X Xiong, L Wu, XF Ren, CE Png, GC Guo, Q Gong, YF Xiao
Advances in Optics and Photonics 10 (4), 703-756, 2018
On-chip coherent conversion of photonic quantum entanglement between different degrees of freedom
LT Feng, M Zhang, ZY Zhou, M Li, X Xiong, L Yu, BS Shi, GP Guo, DX Dai, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016
Ordering Ag nanowire arrays by a glass capillary: A portable, reusable and durable SERS substrate
JW Liu, JL Wang, WR Huang, L Yu, XF Ren, WC Wen, SH Yu
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Silver nanowires for photonics applications
X Xiong, CL Zou, XF Ren, AP Liu, YX Ye, FW Sun, GC Guo
Laser & Photonics Reviews 7 (6), 901-919, 2013
Demonstration of one-dimensional quantum random walks using orbital angular momentum of photons
P Zhang, XF Ren, XB Zou, BH Liu, YF Huang, GC Guo
Physical Review A 75 (5), 052310, 2007
Macroscopic‐scale alignment of ultralong Ag nanowires in polymer nanofiber mat and their hierarchical structures by magnetic‐field‐assisted electrospinning
CL Zhang, KP Lv, NY Hu, L Yu, XF Ren, SL Liu, SH Yu
Small 8 (19), 2936-2940, 2012
Broadband integrated polarization beam splitter with surface plasmon
CL Zou, FW Sun, CH Dong, XF Ren, JM Cui, XD Chen, ZF Han, GC Guo
Optics letters 36 (18), 3630-3632, 2011
Detecting orbital angular momentum through division-of-amplitude interference with a circular plasmonic lens
AP Liu, X Xiong, XF Ren, YJ Cai, GH Rui, QW Zhan, GC Guo, GP Guo
Scientific Reports 3 (1), 1-5, 2013
Plasmon-assisted transmission of high-dimensional orbital angular-momentum entangled state
XF Ren, GP Guo, YF Huang, CF Li, GC Guo
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 76 (5), 753, 2006
Coupling of light from an optical fiber taper into silver nanowires
CH Dong, XF Ren, R Yang, JY Duan, JG Guan, GC Guo, GP Guo
Applied Physics Letters 95 (22), 221109, 2009
High-visibility on-chip quantum interference of single surface plasmons
YJ Cai, M Li, XF Ren, CL Zou, X Xiong, HL Lei, BH Liu, GP Guo, GC Guo
Physical Review Applied 2 (1), 014004, 2014
Experimental entanglement distillation of two-qubit mixed states under local operations
ZW Wang, XF Zhou, YF Huang, YS Zhang, XF Ren, GC Guo
Physical review letters 96 (22), 220505, 2006
One-pot colloidal chemistry route to homogeneous and doped colloidosomes
XW Xu, XM Zhang, C Liu, YL Yang, JW Liu, HP Cong, CH Dong, XF Ren, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (35), 12928-12931, 2013
Transmission of photonic quantum polarization entanglement in a nanoscale hybrid plasmonic waveguide
M Li, CL Zou, XF Ren, X Xiong, YJ Cai, GP Guo, LM Tong, GC Guo
Nano letters 15 (4), 2380-2384, 2015
On-chip transverse-mode entangled photon pair source
LT Feng, M Zhang, X Xiong, Y Chen, H Wu, M Li, GP Guo, GC Guo, ...
npj Quantum Information 5 (1), 1-7, 2019
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