Ana Gavrovska
Ana Gavrovska
Faculty (School) of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
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Classification of prolapsed mitral valve versus healthy heart from phonocardiograms by multifractal analysis
A Gavrovska, G Zajić, I Reljin, B Reljin
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine 2013 (1), 376152, 2013
Automatic heart sound detection in pediatric patients without electrocardiogram reference via pseudo-affine Wigner–Ville distribution and Haar wavelet lifting
A Gavrovska, V Bogdanović, I Reljin, B Reljin
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 113 (2), 515-528, 2014
Application of wavelet and EMD-based denoising to phonocardiograms
A Gavrovska, M Slavković, I Reljin, B Reljin
International Symposium on Signals, Circuits and Systems ISSCS2013, 1-4, 2013
Copy-move forgery detection based on multifractals
A Pavlović, N Glišović, A Gavrovska, I Reljin
Multimedia Tools and Applications 78, 20655-20678, 2019
Determination of morphologically characteristic PCG segments from spectrogram image
AM Gavrovska, MP Paskas, IS Reljin
Teflor J 2, 74-77, 2010
Breast region segmentation and pectoral muscle removal in mammograms
M Slavković-Ilić, A Gavrovska, M Milivojević, I Reljin, B Reljin
Database 17, 18, 2016
4K video traffic analysis using seasonal autoregressive model for traffic prediction
DR Marković, AM Gavrovska, IS Reljin
2016 24th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), 1-4, 2016
Face recognition using Gabor filters, PCA and neural networks
M Slavković, B Reljin, A Gavrovska, M Milivojević
2013 20th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing …, 2013
Identification of S1 and S2 heart sound patterns based on fractal theory and shape context
A Gavrovska, G Zajić, V Bogdanović, I Reljin, B Reljin
Complexity 2017 (1), 1580414, 2017
I Reljin, A Gavrovska
Akademska misao, Beograd, 61-95, 2013
Region-based phonocardiogram event segmentation in spectrogram image
AM Gavrovska, MP Paskaš, D Dujković, IS Reljin
10th Symposium on Neural Network Applications in Electrical Engineering, 69-72, 2010
Deepfake video analysis using SIFT features
M Đorđević, M Milivojević, A Gavrovska
2019 27th telecommunications forum (TELFOR), 1-4, 2019
Selection of wavelet decomposition levels in ECG filtering
AM Gavrovska, DR Jevtic, BD Reljin
2009 9th International Conference on Telecommunication in Modern Satellite …, 2009
Paediatric heart sound signal analysis towards classification using multifractal spectra
A Gavrovska, G Zajić, V Bogdanović, I Reljin, B Reljin
Physiological measurement 37 (9), 1556, 2016
High-quality crystal filter: Design and realization
DM Dujković, S Nešić-Dedić, L Grubišić, A Gavrovska, I Reljin
Telfor J. 5 (2), 118-122, 2013
Edge examination using Hölder exponent and image statistics
M Paskaš, A Gavrovska, D Jevtić, M Slavković, B Reljin
2011 10th International Conference on Telecommunication in Modern Satellite …, 2011
Intelligent Automation Using Machine and Deep Learning in Cybersecurity of Industrial IoT: CCTV Security and DDoS Attack Detection
A Gavrovska, A Samčović
Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems in the Future Internet …, 2020
Wavelet denoising within the lifting scheme framework
AM Gavrovska, MP Paskaš, IS Reljin
Telfor Journal 4 (2), 101-106, 2012
Qualitative Analysis of Texture of Room Impulse Response using Fractal Dimension
IP Paskaš, AM Gavrovska, MM Mijić, BD Reljin
18th Telecommunications forum TELFOR, 23-25, 2010
Python based physiological signal processing for vital signs monitoring
MS Milivojević, A Gavrovska, IS Reljin, B Reljin
Proceedings of the 4th international conference on electrical, electronic …, 2017
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