Elise Billoir
Elise Billoir
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Modeling microbial competition in food: Application to the behavior of Listeria monocytogenes and lactic acid flora in pork meat products
M Cornu, E Billoir, H Bergis, A Beaufort, V Zuliani
Food microbiology 28 (4), 639-647, 2011
Integrating the lethal and sublethal effects of toxic compounds into the population dynamics of Daphnia magna: A combination of the DEBtox and matrix population models
E Billoir, ARR Péry, S Charles
Ecological Modelling 203 (3-4), 204-214, 2007
A Bayesian approach to analyzing ecotoxicological data
E Billoir, ML Delignette-Muller, ARR Pery, S Charles
Environmental science & technology 42 (23), 8978-8984, 2008
Minor food sources can play a major role in secondary production in detritus‐based ecosystems
C Crenier, J Arce‐Funck, A Bec, E Billoir, F Perrière, J Leflaive, F Guérold, ...
Freshwater Biology 62 (7), 1155-1167, 2017
Statistical cautions when estimating DEBtox parameters
E Billoir, ML Delignette-Muller, ARR Péry, O Geffard, S Charles
Journal of theoretical biology 254 (1), 55-64, 2008
Temperature limits trail following behaviour through pheromone decay in ants
L Van Oudenhove, E Billoir, R Boulay, C Bernstein, X Cerdá
Naturwissenschaften 98 (12), 1009-1017, 2011
Microplastics enhance Daphnia magna sensitivity to the pyrethroid insecticide deltamethrin: effects on life history traits
V Felten, H Toumi, JF Masfaraud, E Billoir, BI Camara, JF Férard
Science of the Total Environment 714, 136567, 2020
Assessing anthropogenic pressures on streams: A random forest approach based on benthic diatom communities
F Larras, R Coulaud, E Gautreau, E Billoir, J Rosebery, ...
Science of the Total Environment 586, 1101-1112, 2017
Sample size calculation in metabolic phenotyping studies
E Billoir, V Navratil, BJ Blaise
Briefings in bioinformatics 16 (5), 813-819, 2015
What to do with NOECS/NOELS—prohibition or innovation?
ML Delignette-Muller, C Lopes
environment 26, 1278-1282, 2012
Survival data analyses in ecotoxicology: critical effect concentrations, methods and models. What should we use?
C Forfait-Dubuc, S Charles, E Billoir, ML Delignette-Muller
Ecotoxicology 21 (4), 1072-1083, 2012
Matrix population models as relevant modeling tools in ecotoxicology
S Charles, E Billoir, C Lopes, A Chaumot
Ecotoxicology Modeling, 261-298, 2009
DRomics: a Turnkey Tool to support the use of the dose–response framework for omics data in ecological risk assessment
F Larras, E Billoir, V Baillard, A Siberchicot, S Scholz, T Wubet, M Tarkka, ...
Environmental science & technology 52 (24), 14461-14468, 2018
A new perspective on the Dunnett procedure: Filling the gap between NOEC/LOEC and ECx concepts
ML Delignette‐Muller, C Forfait, E Billoir, S Charles
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 30 (12), 2888-2891, 2011
Population-Level Modeling to Account for Multigenerational Effects of Uranium in Daphnia magna
PA Biron, S Massarin, F Alonzo, L Garcia-Sanchez, S Charles, E Billoir
Environmental science & technology 46 (2), 1136-1143, 2012
A biodynamic model predicting waterborne lead bioaccumulation in Gammarus pulex: Influence of water chemistry and in situ validation
N Urien, E Uher, E Billoir, O Geffard, LC Fechner, JD Lebrun
Environmental Pollution 203, 22-30, 2015
Efficiency of wipe sampling on hard surfaces for pesticides and PCB residues in dust
J Cettier, ML Bayle, R Béranger, E Billoir, JR Nuckols, B Combourieu, ...
Science of The Total Environment 505, 11-21, 2015
Agricultural and domestic pesticides in house dust from different agricultural areas in France
R Béranger, E Billoir, JR Nuckols, J Blain, M Millet, ML Bayle, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26 (19), 19632-19645, 2019
From Individual to Population Level Effects of Toxicants in the Tubicifid Branchiura sowerbyi Using Threshold Effect Models in a Bayesian Framework
V Ducrot, E Billoir, ARR Pery, J Garric, S Charles
Environmental science & technology 44 (9), 3566-3571, 2010
Bayesian modelling of daphnid responses to time-varying cadmium exposure in laboratory aquatic microcosms
E Billoir, H Delhaye, B Clément, ML Delignette-Muller, S Charles
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 74 (4), 693-702, 2011
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