Jan Tumajer
Jan Tumajer
Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical geography and Geoecology
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Environmental factors exert strong control over the climate-growth relationships of Picea abies in Central Europe
J Altman, P Fibich, H Santruckova, J Dolezal, P Stepanek, J Kopacek, ...
Science of the Total Environment 609, 506-516, 2017
Discerning environmental factors affecting current tree growth in Central Europe
E Cienciala, R Russ, H Šantrůčková, J Altman, J Kopáček, I Hůnová, ...
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Response of floodplain pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) tree-ring width and vessel anatomy to climatic trends and extreme hydroclimatic events
J Tumajer, V Treml
Forest Ecology and Management 379, 185-194, 2016
Recent spruce decline with biotic pathogen infestation as a result of interacting climate, deposition and soil variables
E Cienciala, J Tumajer, V Zatloukal, J Beranová, Š Holá, I Hůnová, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 136 (2), 307-317, 2017
Increasing moisture limitation of Norway spruce in Central Europe revealed by forward modelling of tree growth in tree-ring network
J Tumajer, J Altman, P Štěpánek, V Treml, J Doležal, E Cienciala
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 247, 56-64, 2017
Increased spruce tree growth in Central Europe since 1960s
E Cienciala, J Altman, J Doležal, J Kopáček, P Štěpánek, G Ståhl, ...
Science of the Total Environment 619, 1637-1647, 2018
Reconstruction ability of dendrochronology in dating avalanche events in the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic
J Tumajer, V Treml
Dendrochronologia 34, 1-9, 2015
Meta-analysis of dendrochronological dating of mass movements
J Tumajer, V Treml
Geochronometria 40 (1), 59-76, 2013
Growth-limiting factors and climate response variability in Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) along an elevation and precipitation gradients in Slovenia
J Jevšenak, I Tychkov, J Gričar, T Levanič, J Tumajer, P Prislan, D Arnič, ...
International journal of biometeorology 65 (2), 311-324, 2021
Climate warming induced synchronous growth decline in Norway spruce populations across biogeographical gradients since 2000
M Bosela, J Tumajer, E Cienciala, L Dobor, L Kulla, P Marčiš, I Popa, ...
Science of the Total Environment 752, 141794, 2021
Forward modeling reveals multidecadal trends in cambial kinetics and phenology at treeline
J Tumajer, J Kašpar, H Kuželová, VV Shishov, II Tychkov, MI Popkova, ...
Frontiers in plant science 12, 613643, 2021
Influence of artificial alteration of groundwater level on vessel lumen area and tree-ring width of Quercus robur
J Tumajer, V Treml
Trees 31 (6), 1945-1957, 2017
Dating of rockfall events using vessel lumen area in Betula pendula
J Tumajer, J Burda, V Treml
Iawa journal 36 (3), 286-299, 2015
Growing faster, longer or both? Modelling plastic response of Juniperus communis growth phenology to climate change
J Tumajer, A Buras, JJ Camarero, M Carrer, R Shetti, M Wilmking, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 30 (11), 2229-2244, 2021
Disentangling the effects of disturbance, climate and tree age on xylem hydraulic conductivity of Betula pendula
J Tumajer, V Treml
Annals of botany 123 (5), 783-792, 2019
Species-specific climate–growth interactions determine tree species dynamics in mixed Central European mountain forests
J Kašpar, J Tumajer, P Šamonil, I Vašíčková
Environmental Research Letters 16 (3), 034039, 2021
Intra-annual growth dynamics of Mediterranean pines and junipers determines their climatic adaptability
J Tumajer, VV Shishov, VA Ilyin, JJ Camarero
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 311, 108685, 2021
Age and size outperform topographic effects on growth-climate responses of trees in two Central European coniferous forest types
J Mašek, J Tumajer, M Rydval, J Lange, V Treml
Dendrochronologia 68, 125845, 2021
Boreal tree-rings are influenced by temperature up to two years prior to their formation: a trade-off between growth and reproduction?
J Tumajer, J Lehejček
Environmental Research Letters 14 (12), 124024, 2019
IncrementR: analysing height growth of trees and shrubs in R
J Kašpar, J Tumajer, V Treml
Dendrochronologia 53, 48-54, 2019
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