Loriano Storchi
Loriano Storchi
Universita' G. D'Annunzio, INFN, CERN, MolDiscovery Ltd., CNR - ISTM
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Scientific objectives of Einstein telescope
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Einstein gravitational wave Telescope conceptual design study
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Tautomer enumeration and stability prediction for virtual screening on large chemical databases
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The CMS Phase-1 pixel detector upgrade
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Extending pKa prediction accuracy: high-throughput pKa measurements to understand pKa modulation of new chemical series
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In silico pKa Prediction and ADME Profiling
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Precision measurement of the structure of the CMS inner tracking system using nuclear interactions
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Molecular photoionization cross sections by Stieltjes–Chebyshev moment theory applied to Lanczos pseudospectra
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P-type silicon strip sensors for the new CMS tracker at HL-LHC
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An Efficient Parallel All-Electron Four-Component Dirac− Kohn− Sham Program Using a Distributed Matrix Approach
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Complete valence double photoionization of SF6
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An experimental and theoretical study of double photoionization of CF4 using time-of-flight photoelectron-photoelectron (photoion-photoion) coincidence spectroscopy
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BERTHA: Implementation of a four-component Dirac–Kohn–Sham relativistic framework
L Belpassi, M De Santis, HM Quiney, F Tarantelli, L Storchi
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Effect of pomegranate peel extract on shelf life of strawberries: computational chemistry approaches to assess antifungal mechanisms involved
D Rongai, N Sabatini, P Pulcini, C Di Marco, L Storchi, A Marrone
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Reactivity of antitumor coinage metal-based N-heterocyclic carbene complexes with cysteine and selenocysteine protein sites
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Journal of inorganic biochemistry 223, 111533, 2021
Site-selected Auger electron spectroscopy of N2O
P Bolognesi, M Coreno, L Avaldi, L Storchi, F Tarantelli
The Journal of chemical physics 125 (5), 2006
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