René J.M. van de Veerdonk
René J.M. van de Veerdonk
Google, Seagate Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology
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Interface magnetism and spin wave scattering in ferromagnet-insulator-ferromagnet tunnel junctions
JS Moodera, J Nowak, RJM van de Veerdonk
Physical Review Letters 80 (13), 2941, 1998
Recording on Bit-Patterned Media at Densities of 1 Tb/in and Beyond
HJ Richter, AY Dobin, O Heinonen, KZ Gao, RJ Veerdonk, RT Lynch, ...
Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 42 (10), 2255-2260, 2006
ordering and microstructure of FePt thin films with Cu, Ag, and Au additive
CL Platt, KW Wierman, EB Svedberg, R Van de Veerdonk, JK Howard, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 92 (10), 6104-6109, 2002
Ultrafast generation of ferromagnetic order via a laser-induced phase transformation in FeRh thin films
G Ju, J Hohlfeld, B Bergman, RJM van de Veerdonk, ON Mryasov, JY Kim, ...
Physical review letters 93 (19), 197403, 2004
Recording potential of bit-patterned media
HJ Richter, AY Dobin, RT Lynch, D Weller, RM Brockie, O Heinonen, ...
Applied physics letters 88, 222512, 2006
Apparent spin polarization decay in Cu-dusted Co/Al 2 O 3/Co tunnel junctions
P LeClair, HJM Swagten, JT Kohlhepp, RJM Van de Veerdonk, ...
Physical Review Letters 84 (13), 2933, 2000
On the construction of an Fe3O4-based all-oxide spin valve
PJ Van Der Zaag, PJH Bloemen, JM Gaines, RM Wolf, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 211 (1-3), 301-308, 2000
Transport spin polarization of Ni x Fe 1− x: Electronic kinematics and band structure
B Nadgorny, RJ Soulen Jr, MS Osofsky, II Mazin, G Laprade, ...
Physical Review B 61 (6), R3788, 2000
Current distribution effects in magnetoresistive tunnel junctions
RJM Van de Veerdonk, J Nowak, R Meservey, JS Moodera, ...
Applied physics letters 71 (19), 2839-2841, 1997
Quantum well states in spin-dependent tunnel structures
JS Moodera, J Nowak, LR Kinder, PM Tedrow, RJM Van de Veerdonk, ...
Physical review letters 83 (15), 3029, 1999
Fabrication of nonepitaxially grown double-layered FePt: C/FeCoNi thin films for perpendicular recording
ML Yan, XZ Li, L Gao, SH Liou, DJ Sellmyer, RJM Van de Veerdonk, ...
Applied Physics Letters 83 (16), 3332-3334, 2003
Imaging of quantized magnetostatic modes using spatially resolved ferromagnetic resonance
S Tamaru, JA Bain, RJM Van de Veerdonk, TM Crawford, M Covington, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 91 (10), 8034-8036, 2002
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance of Co/Cu multilayers deposited under an angle on grooved substrates
MAM Gijs, MT Johnson, A Reinders, PE Huisman, RJM Van de Veerdonk, ...
Applied physics letters 66 (14), 1839-1841, 1995
Determination of switching field distributions for perpendicular recording media
RJM van de Veerdonk, X Wu, D Weller
ieee transactions on magnetics 39 (1), 590-593, 2003
noise in anisotropic and giant magnetoresistive elements
RJM Van de Veerdonk, PJL Belien, KM Schep, JCS Kools, MC De Nooijer, ...
Journal of applied physics 82 (12), 6152-6164, 1997
Magnetic recording media having self organized magnetic arrays
DK Weller, N Deeman, RJM van de Veerdonk, N Shukla
US Patent 7,041,394, 2006
Interpretation of the giant magnetoresistance effect in Co/Cu (100) multilayers with the quantum model of giant magnetoresistance
SKJ Lenczowski, MAM Gijs, JB Giesbers, RJM Van de Veerdonk, ...
Physical Review B 50 (14), 9982, 1994
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance of microstructures in Fe/Cr and Co/Cu multilayers
MAM Gijs, JB Giesbers, MT Johnson, JBF Aan de Stegge, H Janssen, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 75 (10), 6709-6713, 1994
Writing and reading bits on pre-patterned media
J Moritz, L Buda, B Dieny, JP Nozieres, RJM Van de Veerdonk, ...
Applied Physics Letters 84 (9), 1519-1521, 2004
Measurement of magnetostatic mode excitation and relaxation in permalloy films using scanning Kerr imaging
S Tamaru, JA Bain, RJM van de Veerdonk, TM Crawford, M Covington, ...
Physical Review B 70 (10), 104416, 2004
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