Jan Kubečka
Jan Kubečka
Biologické Centrum AV ČR
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Target strength of some European fish species and its dependence on fish body parameters
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Horizontal beaming as a crucial component of acoustic stock assessment in freshwater reservoirs.
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Acoustic size vs. real size relationships for common species of riverine fish
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The true picture of a lake or reservoir fish stock: A review of needs and progress
J Kubečka, E Hohausová, J Matěna, J Peterka, US Amarasinghe, ...
Fisheries Research 96 (1), 1-5, 2009
Succession of fish communities in reservoirs of Central and Eastern Europe
J Kubečka
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Fish migration between a temperate reservoir and its main tributary
M Hladík, J Kubečka
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Size selectivity of standardized multimesh gillnets in sampling coarse European species
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The effect of depth, distance from dam and habitat on spatial distribution of fish in an artificial reservoir
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Fish avoidance of acoustic survey boat in shallow waters
V Draštík, J Kubečka
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Longitudinal and vertical spatial gradients in the distribution of fish within a canyon‐shaped reservoir
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Long-term biomanipulation of Rimov reservoir (Czech Republic)
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Sinusoidal cycling swimming pattern of reservoir fishes
M Čech, J Kubečka
Journal of Fish Biology 61 (2), 456-471, 2002
Use of high-frequency imaging sonar (DIDSON) to observe fish behaviour towards a surface trawl
G Rakowitz, M Tušer, M Říha, T Jůza, H Balk, J Kubečka
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Distribution patterns of fishes in a canyon‐shaped reservoir
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Diel vertical migrations of bathypelagic perch fry
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In situ diel patterns of zooplankton consumption by subadult/adult roach Rutilus rutilus, bream Abramis brama, and bleak Alburnus alburnus
M Vasek, J Kubecka
FOLIA ZOOLOGICA-PRAHA- 53 (2), 203-214, 2004
Diurnal changes of fish behaviour in a lowland river monitored by a dual-beam echosounder
J Kubecka, A Duncan
Fisheries research 35 (1-2), 55-63, 1998
Adverse ecological effects of small hydropower stations in the Czech Republic: 1. Bypass plants
J Kubečka, J Matěna, P Hartvich
Regulated Rivers: Research & Management: An International Journal Devoted to …, 1997
Fish activity as determined by gillnet catch: a comparison of two reservoirs of different turbidity
M Prchalová, T Mrkvička, J Kubečka, J Peterka, M Čech, M Muška, ...
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Size selectivity in summer and winter diets of great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo): does it reflect season-dependent difference in foraging efficiency?
M Čech, P Čech, J Kubečka, M Prchalová, V Draštík
Waterbirds, 438-447, 2008
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