Petr Šácha
Petr Šácha
Postdoctoral researcher, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
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Stratospheric contraction caused by increasing greenhouse gases
P Pisoft, P Sacha, LM Polvani, JA Añel, L De La Torre, R Eichinger, ...
Environmental Research Letters 16 (6), 064038, 2021
The influence of mixing on the stratospheric age of air changes in the 21st century
R Eichinger, S Dietmüller, H Garny, P Šácha, T Birner, H Bönisch, G Pitari, ...
Atmospheric chemistry and physics 19 (2), 921-940, 2019
Observed and modeled mountain waves from the surface to the mesosphere near the Drake Passage
CG Kruse, MJ Alexander, L Hoffmann, A van Niekerk, I Polichtchouk, ...
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 79 (4), 909-932, 2022
Effects of missing gravity waves on stratospheric dynamics; part 1: climatology
R Eichinger, H Garny, P Šácha, J Danker, S Dietmüller, ...
Climate Dynamics 54, 3165-3183, 2020
Enhanced internal gravity wave activity and breaking over the northeastern Pacific–eastern Asian region
P Šácha, A Kuchař, C Jacobi, P Pišoft
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (22), 13097-13112, 2015
The 11-year solar cycle in current reanalyses: a (non) linear attribution study of the middle atmosphere
A Kuchar, P Sacha, J Miksovsky, P Pisoft
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (12), 6879-6895, 2015
Influence of the spatial distribution of gravity wave activity on the middle atmospheric dynamics
P Šácha, F Lilienthal, C Jacobi, P Pišoft
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (24), 15755-15775, 2016
Extratropical age of air trends and causative factors in climate projection simulations
P Šácha, R Eichinger, H Garny, P Pišoft, S Dietmüller, L de la Torre, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19 (11), 7627-7647, 2019
Revisiting internal gravity waves analysis using GPS RO density profiles: comparison with temperature profiles and application for wave field stability study
P Pisoft, P Sacha, J Miksovsky, P Huszar, B Scherllin-Pirscher, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11 (1), 515-527, 2018
Analysis of internal gravity waves with GPS RO density profiles
P Šácha, U Foelsche, P Pišoft
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 7 (12), 4123-4132, 2014
Effect of latitudinally displaced gravity wave forcing in the lower stratosphere on the polar vortex stability
N Samtleben, C Jacobi, P Pišoft, P Šácha, A Kuchař
Annales Geophysicae 37 (4), 507-523, 2019
Diverse dynamical response to orographic gravity wave drag hotspots—A zonal mean perspective
P Sacha, A Kuchar, R Eichinger, P Pisoft, C Jacobi, HE Rieder
Geophysical Research Letters 48 (13), e2021GL093305, 2021
Overestimated acceleration of the advective Brewer–Dobson circulation due to stratospheric cooling
R Eichinger, P Šácha
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 146 (733), 3850-3864, 2020
On the intermittency of orographic gravity wave hotspots and its importance for middle atmosphere dynamics
A Kuchar, P Sacha, R Eichinger, C Jacobi, P Pisoft, HE Rieder
Weather and Climate Dynamics 1 (2), 481-495, 2020
Interannual variability in the gravity wave drag–vertical coupling and possible climate links
P Šácha, J Miksovsky, P Pisoft
Earth System Dynamics 9 (2), 647-661, 2018
Impact of local gravity wave forcing in the lower stratosphere on the polar vortex stability: effect of longitudinal displacement
N Samtleben, A Kuchař, P Šácha, P Pišoft, C Jacobi
Annales Geophysicae 38 (1), 95-108, 2020
Analysis of internal gravity waves with GPS RO density profiles
P Sacha, U Foelsche, P Pisoft
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 7 (12), 4123, 2014
Sensitivity of mountain wave drag estimates on separation methods and proposed improvements
Z Procházková, CG Kruse, MJ Alexander, L Hoffmann, JT Bacmeister, ...
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 80 (7), 1661-1680, 2023
On the use of the CM-SAF cloud-data in the Czech Republic
M Zak, P Sacha, P Pisoft
First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the …, 2013
Impact of increased vertical resolution in WACCM on the climatology of major sudden stratospheric warmings
VM Chávez, JA Añel, RR Garcia, P Šácha, L Torre
Atmosphere 13 (4), 546, 2022
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