Runhai Ouyang
New tolerance factor to predict the stability of perovskite oxides and halides
CJ Bartel, C Sutton, BR Goldsmith, R Ouyang, CB Musgrave, ...
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SISSO: A compressed-sensing method for identifying the best low-dimensional descriptor in an immensity of offered candidates
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R Ouyang, JX Liu, WX Li
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Simultaneous learning of several materials properties from incomplete databases with multi-task SISSO
R Ouyang, E Ahmetcik, C Carbogno, M Scheffler, LM Ghiringhelli
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Learning physical descriptors for materials science by compressed sensing
LM Ghiringhelli, J Vybiral, E Ahmetcik, R Ouyang, SV Levchenko, C Draxl, ...
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Single-Atom Alloy Catalysts Designed by First-Principles Calculations and Artificial Intelligence
ZK Han, D Sarker, R Ouyang, Y Gao, SV Levchenko
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Global minimization of gold clusters by combining neural network potentials and the basin-hopping method
R Ouyang, Y Xie, D Jiang
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Data-driven discovery of formulas by symbolic regression
S Sun, R Ouyang, B Zhang, TY Zhang
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CO-and NO-induced disintegration and redispersion of three-way catalysts rhodium, palladium, and platinum: an ab initio thermodynamics study
BR Goldsmith, ED Sanderson, R Ouyang, WX Li
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Exploiting ionic radii for rational design of halide perovskites
R Ouyang
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Understanding Selective Hydrogenation of α,β-Unsaturated Ketones to Unsaturated Alcohols on the Au25(SR)18 Cluster
R Ouyang, D Jiang
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Wall density-controlled thermal conductive and mechanical properties of three-dimensional vertically aligned boron nitride network-based polymeric composites
F Jiang, N Song, R Ouyang, P Ding
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CO oxidation at the perimeters of an FeO/Pt (111) interface and how water promotes the activity: a first‐principles study
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Controlling the stereochemistry and regularity of butanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au (111)
J Yan, R Ouyang, PS Jensen, E Ascic, D Tanner, B Mao, J Zhang, C Tang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (49), 17087-17094, 2014
Artificial intelligence for high-throughput discovery of topological insulators: The example of alloyed tetradymites
G Cao, R Ouyang, LM Ghiringhelli, M Scheffler, H Liu, C Carbogno, ...
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Prediction and classification of formation energies of binary compounds by machine learning: an approach without crystal structure information
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First-principles study of the adsorption of Au atoms and Au and Au clusters on FeO/Pt(111)
R Ouyang, WX Li
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Ligand-conformation energy landscape of thiolate-protected gold nanoclusters
R Ouyang, D Jiang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (37), 21555-21560, 2015
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