Sofia Giakoumi
Sofia Giakoumi
Scientific personnel, Institute of Marine Biological Resources & Inland Waters, H.C.M.R., Anavissos
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The freshwater ichthyofauna of Greece-an update based on a hydrographic basin survey
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The Gyrodactylus (Monogenea, Gyrodactylidae) parasite fauna of freshwater sand gobies (Teleostei, Gobioidei) in their centre of endemism, with description of …
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Developing policy-relevant river fish monitoring in Greece: Insights from a nation-wide survey
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Impacts of the alien mosquitofish on the abundance and condition of two Mediterranean native fish
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Development of an ichthyological multimetric index for ecological status assessment of Greek mountain streams and rivers
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Reduced genetic variation and strong genetic population structure in the freshwater killifish Valencia letourneuxi (Valenciidae) based on nuclear and mitochondrial …
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Feeding ecology of the critically endangered Valencia letourneuxi (Valenciidae)
E Kalogianni, S Giakoumi, A Andriopoulou, Y Chatzinikolaou
Aquatic Ecology 44, 289-299, 2010
Digital storytelling as an educational tool for scientific, environmental and sustainable development literacy on marine litter in informal education environments (Case study …
A Andriopoulou, S Giakoumi, T Kouvarda, C Tsabaris, E Pavlatou, ...
Mediterranean Marine Science 23 (2), 327-337, 2022
Τhe fish fauna in lentic ecosystems of Greece
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Rapid population collapse of the critically endangered Valencia letourneuxi in Kalamas basin of Northwest Greece
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New records of the critically endangered Valencia letourneuxi (Sauvage 1880) and issues of conservation.
S Giakoumi, B Zimmerman, Y Chatzinikolaou, A Economou, E Kalogianni
Proceedings of the 14th Hellenic Ichthyological Congress, 295-298, 2010
Riparian zones in Greece: Protecting riverine oasis of life
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Developing a biotic river typology and defining reference conditions in the rivers of Greece: a spatially-based approach
AN Economou, S Zogaris, S Giakoumi, R Barbieri, D Petridis
Fame Consortium 35, 2004
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