Jose Luis Morales
Jose Luis Morales
Facultad de Química, UNAM. CDMX
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An interior algorithm for nonlinear optimization that combines line search and trust region steps
RA Waltz, JL Morales, J Nocedal, D Orban
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Remark on “Algorithm 778: L-BFGS-B: Fortran subroutines for large-scale bound constrained optimization”
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JL Morales
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JN Pedroza-Montero, JL Morales, G Geudtner, A Alvarez-Ibarra, ...
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On the use of iterative lcp solvers for dry frictional contacts in grasping
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C Zhu, R Byrd, J Nocedal, JL Morales
Retrieved Feb 18, 2012, 2011
Discriminant analysis to predict the clinical diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies: a preliminary report
C Murata, AB Ramírez, G Ramírez, A Cruz, JL Morales, SO Lugo-Reyes
Revista Alergia Mexico 62 (2), 125-133, 2015
Asymmetric Density Fitting with Modified Cholesky Decomposition Applied to Second-Order Electron Propagator
JF Huan Lew-Yee, R Flores-Moreno, JL Morales, J Martin del Campo
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 16 (3), 1597-1605, 2020
Computational Experience with Several Methods for Large Sparse Convex Quadratic Programming
JL Morales, RWH Sargent
Aportaciones Matemáticas Serie Comunicaciones 141-158 14, 141-158, 1994
Variational fitting of the Fock exchange potential with modified Cholesky decomposition
JN Pedroza-Montero, FA Delesma, JL Morales, P Calaminici, AM Koster
The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 (134112), 2020
Performance of the Chbyshev Iterative Method, GMRES and ORTHOMIN on a Set of Oil-Reservoir Simulation Problems
S Gómes, JL Morales
Mathematics for Large Scale Computing, 265-294, 2020
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