Marc DeGraef
Marc DeGraef
John and Claire Bertucci Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
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Structure of materials: An introduction to crystallography, diffraction, and symmetry
M De Graef, ME McHenry
Cambridge University Press, 2007
Introduction to conventional transmission electron microscopy
M De Graef
Cambridge university press, 2003
Microstructural characterization of α‐GaN films grown on sapphire by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy
W Qian, M Skowronski, M De Graef, K Doverspike, LB Rowland, ...
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Materials data science: current status and future outlook
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A new symmetrized solution for phase retrieval using the transport of intensity equation
VV Volkov, Y Zhu, M De Graef
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Introduction and comparison of new EBSD post-processing methodologies
SI Wright, MM Nowell, SP Lindeman, PP Camus, M De Graef, MA Jackson
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Diffraction contrast STEM of dislocations: Imaging and simulations
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Demagnetization factors for elliptic cylinders
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A dictionary approach to electron backscatter diffraction indexing
YH Chen, SU Park, D Wei, G Newstadt, MA Jackson, JP Simmons, ...
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On the magnetostatic interactions between nanoparticles of arbitrary shape
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M Beleggia, M De Graef, YT Millev
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JW Gibbs, KA Mohan, EB Gulsoy, AJ Shahani, X Xiao, CA Bouman, ...
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C Phatak, AK Petford-Long, O Heinonen, M Tanase, M De Graef
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 83 (17), 174431, 2011
TIMBIR: A method for time-space reconstruction from interlaced views
KA Mohan, SV Venkatakrishnan, JW Gibbs, EB Gulsoy, X Xiao, ...
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Growth and characterization of (111) and (001) oriented MgO films on (001) GaAs
EJ Tarsa, M De Graef, DR Clarke, AC Gossard, JS Speck
Journal of applied physics 73 (7), 3276-3283, 1993
Three-dimensional study of the vector potential of magnetic structures
C Phatak, AK Petford-Long, M De Graef
Physical review letters 104 (25), 253901, 2010
On the computation of the demagnetization tensor field for an arbitrary particle shape using a Fourier space approach
M Beleggia, M De Graef
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 263 (1-2), L1-L9, 2003
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