Michael V. Glazoff (Glazov)
Michael V. Glazoff (Glazov)
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Casting aluminum alloys
VS Zolotorevsky, NA Belov, MV Glazoff
Elsevier, 2007
Dopants adsorbed as single atoms prevent degradation of catalysts
S Wang, AY Borisevich, SN Rashkeev, MV Glazoff, K Sohlberg, ...
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A simple model for dislocation behavior, strain and strain rate hardening evolution in deforming aluminum alloys
F Barlat, MIV Glazov, JC Brem, DJ Lege
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Asymmetric yield function based on the stress invariants for pressure sensitive metals
JW Yoon, Y Lou, J Yoon, MV Glazoff
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An atomistic dislocation mechanism of pressure-dependent plastic flow in aluminum
VV Bulatov, MV Glazov, O Richomnd
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Effect of artificial aging on the fatigue crack propagation resistance of 2000 series aluminum alloys
GH Bray, M Glazov, RJ Rioja, RP Gangloff
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Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and hardness of Grade 91 steel
T Shrestha, SF Alsagabi, I Charit, GP Potirniche, MV Glazoff
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Casting aluminum alloys
MV Glazoff, VS Zolotorevsky, NA Belov
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Self‐organized dislocation structures (SODS) in fatigued metals
M Glazov, LM Llanes, C Laird
Physica Status Solidi (a) 149 (1), 297–321, 1995
Size effects of dislocation patterning in fatigued metals
MV Glazov, C Laird
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Atomic-scale mechanisms of oxygen electrode delamination in solid oxide electrolyzer cells
SN Rashkeev, MV Glazoff
international journal of hydrogen energy 37 (2), 1280-1291, 2012
Casting aluminum alloys: their physical and mechanical metallurgy
MV Glazoff, A Khvan, VS Zolotorevsky, NA Belov, A Dinsdale
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2018
Transition metal atoms on different alumina phases: The role of subsurface sites on catalytic activity
SN Rashkeev, K Sohlberg, MV Glazoff, J Novak, SJ Pennycook, ...
Physical Review B 67 (11), 115414, 2003
Diffusion-welded microchannel heat exchanger for industrial processes
P Sabharwall, DE Clark, RE Mizia, MV Glazoff, MG McKellar
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Oxidation and hydrogen uptake in zirconium, Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4: Computational thermodynamics and ab initio calculations
MV Glazoff, A Tokuhiro, SN Rashkeev, P Sabharwall
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Advanced heat exchanger development for molten salts
P Sabharwall, D Clark, M Glazoff, G Zheng, K Sridharan, M Anderson
Nuclear Engineering and Design 280, 42-56, 2014
On the relations between strain and strain-rate softening phenomena in some metallic materials: a computational study
M Zaiser, M Glazov, LA Lalli, O Richmond
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Dual nanoparticle/substrate control of catalytic dehydrogenation
AY Borisevich, S Wang, SN Rashkeev, M Glazoff, SJ Pennycook, ...
Advanced Materials 19 (16), 2129-2133, 2007
Thermally stable alumina particulates
MV Glazov, JW Novak, A Vertegel
US Patent 6,764,672, 2004
Continuum physics of phase and defect microstructures: bridging the gap between physical metallurgy and plasticity of aluminum alloys
MV Glazoff, F Barlat, H Weiland
International Journal of Plasticity 20 (3), 363-402, 2004
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