Zhankun Liu
Zhankun Liu
Central South University; Lakehead University
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Three-dimensional prospectivity modeling of the Jiaojia-type gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China: A case study of the Dayingezhuang deposit
X Mao, J Ren, Z Liu, J Chen, L Tang, H Deng, RC Bayless, B Yang, ...
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 203, 27-44, 2019
Hydrothermal processes at the Axi epithermal Au deposit, western Tianshan: insights from geochemical effects of alteration, mineralization and trace elements in pyrite
Z Liu, X Mao, H Deng, B Li, S Zhang, J Lai, RC Bayless, M Pan, L Li, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 102, 368-385, 2018
Metal remobilization from country rocks into the Jiaodong-type orogenic gold systems, Eastern China: New constraints from scheelite and galena isotope results at the Xiadian …
Z Liu, P Hollings, X Mao, CJM Lawley, B Yang, L Tang
Ore Geology Reviews 134, 104126, 2021
Two-stage gold mineralization of the Axi epithermal Au deposit, Western Tianshan, NW China: Evidence from Re–Os dating, S isotope, and trace elements of pyrite
Z Liu, X Mao, L Ackerman, B Li, JM Dick, M Yu, J Peng, SM Shahzad
Mineralium Deposita 55, 863–880, 2020
Evolution of pyrite compositions at the Sizhuang gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China: Implications for the genesis of Jiaodong-type orogenic gold mineralization
Z Liu, X Mao, A Jedemann, RC Bayless, H Deng, J Chen, K Xiao
Minerals 11 (4), 344, 2021
Spatial association between orogenic gold mineralization and structures revealed by 3D prospectivity modeling: a case study of the Xiadian gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, China
Z Liu, J Chen, X Mao, L Tang, S Yu, H Deng, J Wang, Y Liu, S Li, ...
Natural Resources Research 30, 3987-4007, 2021
3D mineral prospectivity modeling for the low-sulfidation epithermal gold deposit: A case study of the axi gold deposit, western Tianshan, NW China
X Mao, W Zhang, Z Liu, J Ren, RC Bayless, H Deng
Minerals 10 (3), 233, 2020
Quantitative analysis of intrusive body morphology and its relationship with skarn mineralization—A case study of Fenghuangshan copper deposit, Tongling, Anhui, China
X Mao, Z Ying, D Hao, B Zhang, Z Liu, C Jin, Y Zou, J Lai
Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 28 (1), 151-162, 2018
Multiple magma conduits model of the Jinchuan Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposit, northwestern China: Constraints from the geochemistry of platinum-group elements
X Mao, L Li, Z Liu, R Zeng, JM Dick, B Yue, Q Ai
Minerals 9 (3), 187, 2019
Deciphering anomalous Ag enrichment recorded by galena in Dayingezhuang Au (-Ag) deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China
Z Liu, X Mao, F Wang, T Lei, G Chen, C Jin, D Hao
Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 31 (12), 3831-3846, 2021
毛先成, 王琪, 陈进, 邓浩, 刘占坤, 王金利, 陈建平, 肖克炎
地球学报 41 (2), 166-178, 2020
Exploring Spatially Non-stationary Relationships in the Determinants of Mineralization in 3D Geological Space
J Huang, X Mao, J Chen, H Deng, JM Dick, Z Liu
Natural Resources Research 29 (1), 439–458, 2020
Three-dimensional modeling of deep metallogenic structure in northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula and its gold prospecting significance
XC Mao, Q Wang, J Chen, H Deng, ZK Liu, JL Wang, JP Chen, KY Xiao
Acta Geoscientica Sinica 41 (2), 166-178, 2020
陈进, 毛先成, 刘占坤, 邓浩
大地构造与成矿学 44 (2), 231-241, 2020
Three-dimensional refined modelling of deep structures by using the level set method: Application to the Zhaoping Detachment Fault, Jiaodong Peninsula, China
J Wang, X Mao, C Peng, J Chen, H Deng, Z Liu, W Wang, Z Fu, C Wang
Mathematical Geosciences 55 (2), 229-262, 2023
Generalized mathematical morphological method for 3D shape analysis of geological boundaries: application in identifying mineralization-associated shape features
H Deng, X Huang, X Mao, S Yu, J Chen, Z Liu, Y Zou
Natural Resources Research, 1-25, 2021
Bayesian decomposition modelling: An interpretable nonlinear approach for mineral prospectivity mapping
X Mao, J Wang, H Deng, Z Liu, J Chen, C Wang, J Liu
Mathematical Geosciences 55 (7), 897-942, 2023
A novel approach to three-dimensional inference and modeling of magma conduits with exploration data: A case study from the Jinchuan Ni–Cu sulfide deposit, NW China
X Mao, P Liu, H Deng, Z Liu, L Li, Y Wang, Q Ai, J Liu
Natural Resources Research 32 (3), 901-928, 2023
An improved GWR approach for exploring the anisotropic influence of ore-controlling factors on mineralization in 3D Space
J Huang, X Mao, H Deng, Z Liu, J Chen, K Xiao
Natural Resources Research, 1-16, 2022
Three-dimensional modelling of alteration zones based on geochemical exploration data: An interpretable machine-learning approach via generalized additive models
J Chen, X Mao, H Deng, Z Liu, Q Wang
Applied Geochemistry 123, 104781, 2020
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