Vyacheslav Olshevsky
Vyacheslav Olshevsky
Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine
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Intermittent energy dissipation by turbulent reconnection
HS Fu, A Vaivads, YV Khotyaintsev, M André, JB Cao, V Olshevsky, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (1), 37-43, 2017
How to find magnetic nulls and reconstruct field topology with MMS data?
HS Fu, A Vaivads, YV Khotyaintsev, V Olshevsky, M André, JB Cao, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 120 (5), 3758-3782, 2015
Electron and ion dynamics of the solar wind interaction with a weakly outgassing comet
J Deca, A Divin, P Henri, A Eriksson, S Markidis, V Olshevsky, M Horányi
Physical review letters 118 (20), 205101, 2017
Properties of turbulence in the reconnection exhaust: numerical simulations compared with observations
F Pucci, S Servidio, L Sorriso-Valvo, V Olshevsky, WH Matthaeus, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 841 (1), 60, 2017
The solar Ba 4554 Å line as a Doppler diagnostic: NLTE analysis in 3D hydrodynamical model
NG Shchukina, VL Olshevsky, EV Khomenko
Astronomy & Astrophysics 506 (3), 1393-1404, 2009
Theoretical modeling of propagation of magnetoacoustic waves in magnetic regions below sunspots
E Khomenko, A Kosovichev, M Collados, K Parchevsky, V Olshevsky
The Astrophysical Journal 694 (1), 411, 2009
Line-of-sight velocity distributions of elliptical galaxies from collisionless mergers
AC González-García, M Balcells, VS Olshevsky
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 372 (1), L78-L82, 2006
Energetics of kinetic reconnection in a three-dimensional null-point cluster
V Olshevsky, G Lapenta, S Markidis
Physical review letters 111 (4), 045002, 2013
Magnetic null points in kinetic simulations of space plasmas
V Olshevsky, J Deca, A Divin, IB Peng, S Markidis, ME Innocenti, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 819 (1), 52, 2016
Energy dissipation in magnetic null points at kinetic scales
V Olshevsky, A Divin, E Eriksson, S Markidis, G Lapenta
The Astrophysical Journal 807 (2), 155, 2015
SWIFF: Space weather integrated forecasting framework
G Lapenta, V Pierrard, R Keppens, S Markidis, S Poedts, O Šebek, ...
Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate 3, A05, 2013
Generation of turbulence in colliding reconnection jets
F Pucci, WH Matthaeus, A Chasapis, S Servidio, L Sorriso-Valvo, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 867 (1), 10, 2018
Progress towards physics-based space weather forecasting with exascale computing
ME Innocenti, A Johnson, S Markidis, J Amaya, J Deca, V Olshevsky, ...
Advances in Engineering Software 111, 3-17, 2017
Automated classification of plasma regions using 3D particle energy distributions
V Olshevsky, YV Khotyaintsev, A Lalti, A Divin, GL Delzanno, S Anderzén, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 126 (10), e2021JA029620, 2021
A database of MMS bow shock crossings compiled using machine learning
A Lalti, YV Khotyaintsev, AP Dimmock, A Johlander, DB Graham, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 127 (8), e2022JA030454, 2022
TensorFlow doing HPC
SWD Chien, S Markidis, V Olshevsky, Y Bulatov, E Laure, J Vetter
2019 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium …, 2019
SOTE: A nonlinear method for magnetic topology reconstruction in space plasmas
YY Liu, HS Fu, V Olshevsky, DI Pontin, CM Liu, Z Wang, G Chen, L Dai, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 244 (2), 31, 2019
Nonlinear waves and instabilities leading to secondary reconnection in reconnection outflows
G Lapenta, F Pucci, V Olshevsky, S Servidio, L Sorriso-Valvo, ...
Journal of Plasma Physics 84 (1), 715840103, 2018
NLTE formation of the resonance Ba II line λ 455.4 nm in the solar atmosphere
VL Ol’Shevskii, NG Shchukina, IE Vasil’eva
Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies 24, 145-158, 2008
Polypic: the polymorphic-particle-in-cell method for fluid-kinetic coupling
S Markidis, V Olshevsky, CP Sishtla, SWD Chien, E Laure, G Lapenta
Frontiers in Physics 6, 100, 2018
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