Josef Eberhardsteiner
Josef Eberhardsteiner
Professor, Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Vienna University of Technology
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Development and experimental validation of a continuum micromechanics model for the elasticity of wood
K Hofstetter, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner
European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids 24 (6), 1030-1053, 2005
Mechanisches Verhalten von Fichtenholz: Experimentelle Bestimmung der biaxialen Festigkeitseigenschaften
J Eberhardsteiner
Springer-Verlag, 2013
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B Pichler, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner
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P Mackenzie-Helnwein, J Eberhardsteiner, HA Mang
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The relation between indentation modulus, microfibril angle, and elastic properties of wood cell walls
A Jäger, T Bader, K Hofstetter, J Eberhardsteiner
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B Pichler, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner, J Wasserbauer, ...
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Experiments on dowel-type timber connections
M Dorn, K de Borst, J Eberhardsteiner
Engineering structures 47, 67-80, 2013
Is low-temperature creep of asphalt mastic independent of filler shape and mineralogy?—arguments from multiscale analysis
R Lackner, M Spiegl, R Blab, J Eberhardsteiner
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Micromechanical modeling of solid-type and plate-type deformation patterns within softwood materials. A review and an improved approach
K Hofstetter, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner
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Heat conduction analysis of 3-D axisymmetric and anisotropic FGM bodies by meshless local Petrov–Galerkin method
J Sladek, V Sladek, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner
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Non-prismatic beams: a simple and effective Timoshenko-like model
G Balduzzi, M Aminbaghai, E Sacco, J Füssl, J Eberhardsteiner, ...
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Elastic properties of adhesive polymers. II. Polymer films and bond lines by means of nanoindentation
J Konnerth, A Jäger, J Eberhardsteiner, U Müller, W Gindl
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Structural design of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) by advanced plate theories
R Stürzenbecher, K Hofstetter, J Eberhardsteiner
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Sliding behaviour of simplified tire tread patterns investigated by means of FEM
K Hofstetter, C Grohs, J Eberhardsteiner, HA Mang
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Identification of viscoelastic properties by means of nanoindentation taking the real tip geometry into account
A Jäger, R Lackner, J Eberhardsteiner
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Analysis of layered wooden shells using an orthotropic elasto-plastic model for multi-axial loading of clear spruce wood
P Mackenzie-Helnwein, HW Müllner, J Eberhardsteiner, HA Mang
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 194 (21-24), 2661-2685, 2005
Extracellular bone matrix exhibits hardening elastoplasticity and more than double cortical strength: Evidence from homogeneous compression of non-tapered single micron-sized …
KW Luczynski, A Steiger-Thirsfeld, J Bernardi, J Eberhardsteiner, ...
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 52, 51-62, 2015
The poroelastic role of water in cell walls of the hierarchical composite “softwood”
TK Bader, K Hofstetter, C Hellmich, J Eberhardsteiner
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Rubber friction on ice: experiments and modeling
O Lahayne, B Pichler, R Reihsner, J Eberhardsteiner, J Suh, D Kim, ...
Tribology Letters 62, 1-19, 2016
Ultrasonic characterisation of porous biomaterials across different frequencies
C Kohlhauser, C Hellmich, C Vitale‐Brovarone, AR Boccaccini, A Rota, ...
Strain 45 (1), 34-44, 2009
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